Raising Kundalini in a dog

Hypothetically if Kundalini resides in all Prani could a sorcerer forcefully raise Kundalini in a dog for example? If so what would happen to the dog? What changes would be seen?

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:joy:. Any guesses though?

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Why would you want to?

I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, nor would I want to play with that…

If it can harm a sorcerer who isn’t prepared, why would you do it to an animal who is in no way ready to awaken such a force


Although, it may have no effect.

Raising kundalini is raising energy from the base them rough the remaining six… And animals are very well aligned (typically) energetically…

Who’s to say


Experimentation to further my understanding of our universe. The applications of this to an animal would be interesting. However currently I don’t have enough information to want to do this. Perhaps I’ll start with a servitor. (Don’t worry I wouldn’t actually do it.)

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Chihuahua maybe - Pitbull Dobermann Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross with a bad attitude think twice.

You may not be around to experiment.


Where would the attitude come from?

The crossbreeding - have you met one or something like it?

The following is probably said in the best late Alan Rickman voice you can summon up:

“Oh look a Hellhound, let’s raise its kundalini and see what happens - what did you think would happen?”


In case chances of afterlife were perhaps slim for animals (as for humans doing nothing spiritual) or, at least, “things not easy” I wonder if Kundalini helps… By the way it may be feasible, sending energy to the animal, visualizing the aura in white color (for example) and chanting mantras would pave the way.

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Interesting. I’ve heard vaugley that some animal eventually ascended to godhood.

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But in all seriousness it would probably be different for each dog in the same ways it would be a different outcome for each human. The personality variances and psychology are similar enough,to each other, anyway.


@KingOfHearts616 Is right. There’s no point in raising Kundalini in a dog or any other animal other than the self. Not everything is wired for this sort of energy. Maybe dogs and other beasts experience something similar to Kundalini naturally. For example, watch tigers mate. It’s absolutely primal.


We aren’t talking in terms of that though. If you tore those pathways open as you would if you were raising it in an animal it could have some potentially harmful side effects in humans.

As for the animals thing I have no damn clue


And if you dont spend time working on the pathways, thats exactly what happens. Thats what I’m saying.

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That moment when your doggo has achieved cosmic intelligence

bork bork heck