Raise the (magickal/natural) energy of a place? Does it matter?

I have access to two places/homes where I can work with things and experience my succubae.

Now, the one place is the one, where everything started, where I first did a ritual which coincidently was the one summoning a succubus with the help of Agrat Bat Mahlat. And at this place, have several things occured. Also, I was told by a trustful practitioner who definetely knows what she’s doing, that there is a very old portal from a witch at this place with a succubus as gatekeeper/protector. Here happen more (random) things today still, when I visit this place.

On the other, where I live most of the time now, there have been much less occurences of … well, anything. It is a very quiet place, physically and I guess, magickally too.

When I’m on the first place, everything seems also to be more intense, like manifestations in general or of my succubus. So, here comes me wondering…

My first question is: Does it matter? Does that have some influence on magickal workings, and how easy/hard something can be done or manifest, either by the magickian or the spirits, if a place may be rather “void” of energy or lacking it?

The other: Can I raise the energy existent on this place somehow? What are good methods, either physically or spiritually, for doing this?

Also - as a sidething of the thread - interesting would be, if someone could scan this second place for me (where I am now) and share their own findings about it.

Have you done many workings there? Did you clear the old energy? Did you ward up the new place so tightly that things have trouble coming in?

Have you asked the succubus to visit your new place? If she’s not answering, perhaps you could project there and try to figure out what’s going on with the portal and/or her? Was the portal tied to a specific area or was it cast onto a specific item (similar to using a container to act as a gateway for a specific entity)?

Just a few things I thought of. I only got a few hours of sleep, so I hope they made sense.

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  1. A place can never be void of energy, we’re surrounded by ambient energy, each area has slightly different variations of ambient energy depending on who’s in the area, what’s in the area, and the specific nodes in the area.

  2. yes you can, I wouldn’t call it raise since raising and lowering isn’t a thing in this instance, one way some bring more spiritual happenings to their area is make it a beacon for supernatural phenomenon. There’s an idea that tagging the ellis sigil somewhere in the area can funnel energy between the many places it was tagged to increase spiritual phenomenon.


I don’t think I’ve warded it that tightly. I’m doing only once in a while some banishing/cleansing, all together, not enough to be a … stronghold :wink:

You’re probably referring to the succubus of the portal?

My succubae are visiting me on the second place and never seemed to have an issue doing so. So, we are talking about different entities here.

To my knowledge, based on the practitioner, the “portal” succubus is bound to it and not able to move far and there’s very strong magic behind it. She could have changed that, but I didn’t decide for her to do it. This is not an issue really, I think.

I don’t know much more of the portal nor put any further effort to find out. I did see the portal at some point, I believe though. Before she told me. And as that I also believe to know where exactly it is. But I weren’t sure early on, what it was I saw there, at that time. It’s a very long time ago. It must be tied to that place as it’s been ages there, so very unlikely to be bound to some item since nothing of what is today there, may have been at that time there.

Could this be the reason of the more frequent occurences of things there, even visits of other succubae or entities? But even if so, frequency put aside, it does not explain, that the same manifestations are generally stronger/more intense there, right?

I wouldn’t mind, if more entities would become aware of the other place… after all, this contributed to more experiences and learning from them :wink: Truely, even today, if I move (like I did a month ago) for a week or month there, things suddenly are quite different.

So, what can I do to change things to be more intense and more of a magnet, on that second place if I choose to?

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I don’t know if the portal alone would, as I don’t have experience doing workings in an area with one. But we do know that part of the reason for setting aside an area for ritual is that the area can accumulate energy to assist with additional workings. Yes, it does other things for the practitioner, but in this case, it could simply be that there had been enough workings done over time in your old place that perhaps something similar occurred?

There will likely be different opinions on all of this and it will be interesting to follow along.

Well, I said “void” in lack of other words :smiley: More like lacking in comparison to the other… rarely anything random or random entity visits happen over here. So, “void” fits even if not technically correct hehe

So, doing more rituals, in effect? Like in more frequently or as in bigger / involving stronger entities / more energy?

Can you give me some more details or sources to read about this? Not really familiar with that.

That or making a literal beacon construct geared towards such.

Look up Ellis Linking Sigil

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How would you do that?

And if so, would it attract ANY entity or could it be limited to who is attracted?

Yes it can be made to limit specific entities, and through energy work on making constructs which is basically programmed energy

Linking Sigil… ayyee! Found it! Thanks @Velenos

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Do you have some source for this or advice, how I can find more about it? So far I haven’t encountered anything specifically for such constructs…

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From what I know, this may be actually very well really the case from that witch ages ago. But not in the recent decades, at least.

Would be interesting to see, if anyone else can confirm this, that more workings on a place would contribute to stronger manifestation levels and such too, especially for others on a place.

Or, if there is maybe something else the reason…

A thought: It couldn’t be related to me alone in some way?

Well, moving is certainly stressful for me. A new place may disrupt my sleep a little, depending on the environment.

I have moved years ago though to the new place, can’t be stress… I meant, maybe something else psychological or based on the fact that I had there my first experiences, rituals and such? shrugs

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Btw, an interesting thing: I have never confirmed it, but I do believe though, that the portal succubus on that place has been the reason I got involved with magick in the first place and she may pushed/influenced me at that time to research succubae…

Hmm, or could she be the reason in some way? Could this make somehow sense which I don’t see right now how?

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