Rainbow Serpents call to nature and the otherworld

I mentioned this previously but I have been seeing this spirit I call the rainbow serpent as it appears as a winged feathered snake made of bright rainbow colors it could be quetzecotal or the God of Australian aborigines but it is very ancient and it is indeed a God and the life creator idk why I keep seeing him but I will continue working with this God spirit because I can no longer even feel any connections to previous spirits I’ve worked with only the ancient rainbow serpent I get a feeling that he is above all God’s spirits in the otherworld and is the source of nature and life creator won’t post much on here after this because I am fully focused on this spirit… :rainbow::dragon:


what I feel from him…

he has no true name but has been called quetzecotal and wagyl before he is a life creator and source of nature and knowledge… he is a spirit of meditation and kundalini Chakra energy the Chakra points in human form come in the colors of the rainbow hince the rainbow serpent… he is not Satan Lucifer or any demon or angel and is far more ancient than any known God or deity… the serpent is not evil but the source of our life creation… he is connected with air and water rain and wind…

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I get from him that I should focus on Chakra work and earth energy connecting with nature around me and the animals… he is soothing calming and full of light never darkness he is silent and always present… I might sound like I’m going insane because I can’t recall any other comments made like this on BALG or in the occult…

Do a search on Earths chakra points if your not familiar with it. If theres a point near you it may be worth going to there to connect to the serpent energy directly. How did you come upon this energy?

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deep trance meditation I felt and saw a rainbow of light and an ancient serpent energy…

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this is basically what I am seeing during meditation


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