Rainbow energy?

Anybody have insight into what rainbow energy is? Life force? Elemental air? Something else?

Occasionally when I get into a meditative trance, usually an active one requiring repetition, I see faint and transparent rainbow striped blocks. Lighting condition doesn’t seem to matter – bright light or in darkness, it can be seen. As I concentrated more on it, I observed the orientation easily changed but it wasn’t apparent why for a couple years.

Last year around Halloween up until right around the beginning of spring, my third eye became insanely overactive out of nowhere. Headaches from hell, the air looked thicker, geometrical symbols, etc. While the rainbow blocks were still rare, I did see them while sitting outside during that time and they were far more complex than I thought. The rainbows were long ribbons criss-crossing in all different directions. They formed circular rainbow auras around the backyard birds flying overhead. Behind the birds and the airplanes heading to the airport, the rainbow lines were more vivid and trailed behind them. In front of the birds and airplanes, the rainbow lines were faint but showed their trajectory path.

It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I’d like to see it again, but I have no idea what exactly it was I was seeing. I also struggle using my astral senses at will which probably doesn’t help.

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rainbow energy as in the energy is rainbow? it can be pretty much anything even your perception of energy. elemental energy around air is often some shades of blue or white-ish blue for me, life energy/aether for me shows as a milky yellow or tannish yellow/white but rainbow energy the only thing I’ve heard of in that regards is the new age form of reiki “rainbow reiki” in which the individual perceives rainbow energy to heal.


I think I know what you’re talking about. The normal aura ranges from clearish white to a hint of blue, green, or yellow occasionally in my vision – I’ve seen that aura also appear in a circle around birds (do birds all have circular auras?), around the shoulders and head on people, and a couple feet off the top of trees. Where that subtle aura energy body seems firmly attached to whatever I’m looking at in that it rarely splits off the body unintentionally, the rainbow ribbons overlapped so much it was like a box of tangled wires and the energy is different in that it spread miles before and behind the subjects.

Also: I get it. I tend to automatically recoil at any new age cult sounding shit. Gives me the heebie jeebies. I promise, I know the word “rainbow” sounds ridiculous, but it’s honestly what I see.

Lol I understand, same honestly, but I didn’t mean it in a negative way


Hiya OP! In some systems, rainbow energy is used as a descriptor of cosmic power, much like the Rainbow Serpent of Australian Aboriginal mythology or the Loa Ayida-Wedo. In some contexts, it is used as a symbol of the Milky Way, and acts as a manifestation of the power of the deep cosmos, AKA “that which is between/beyond the stars”.

IME, dakinis are also associated with rainbow energy, and can physically manifest in the form of women made of rainbows. It is a very potent energy type! You can use photographs or artistic depictions of rainbows to connect with the power for ritual purposes. :slight_smile:

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I had it happen the other night. The rainbow stripes. I could not focus on a specific color. I think either it was a block from grounding or it was the first taste of Kundalini. It didn’t last that long and it hasn’t happened again since, so i am just as confused about the rainbow energy as you are.

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I had to work on concentrating on focusing on it when they appear. It’s like it doesn’t want to be noticed if that makes sense. If I think about it for a while, sometimes I can get it to reappear briefly.

I think it is something that is preventing me/you/whomever from tapping into an energy source. I havent had it happen again though.