Raidō Is The Essence Of Experience! What We Do Is More Important Than Where We End Up!

Success Is In The Journey Rather Than The Destination!.. What We Do Is More Important Than Where We End Up!.. Raidō Is The Essence Of Adventure!!!

The rune Raidō also named Ræið Reið, Rad at its very core is the essence of the journey. That romanticised archetype of the warriors climb, or the struggle to success, all come to mind. In the words of Lao Tzu “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” … and with this rune that is even more concrete. As stated in many of my previous written pieces the word rune means mystery and so with each individual rune, the conclusions are for the individual to interpret and determine. Yet even with this it is still common to find many similarities in the individual conclusions of these runes. So where do we start with Raidō?

In my own personal work of several mediations, evocations and ponderings with Raidō I have come to conclude its more dominant meaning and application in my work. This conclusion while loose is versatile. To me Raidō is the rune of Journeys and Adventure. It is the very essence of the space between setting a goal, target or destination and actually reaching it. It is the very essence of experience itself. With every experience we have both a beginning or cause which eventually reaches an outcome or result. Raidō is the space between those things. When Raidō is evoked into my circle, I am evoking the very essence of what it means to live, as what is life without experience. Many have come to conclude that the meaning of life is to simply experience and so in some ways, Raidō is the meaning of life. If Fehu is creation (as established in my work) then Raidō is the purpose of that creation.

Old Norwegian Rune Poem
Riding is said to be the worst thing for horses;
Reginn forged the finest sword.

Old Icelandic Rune Poem
Riding is of sitting a blessing
and swift journey
and horses toiling

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem
Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors
and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roads
on the back of a stout horse.

Modern Rune Poem – J.Torvol
What builds courage and heart but the journey of becoming.
To throw open the gates of adventure and understanding.

Above are four Rune poems to accompany Raidō one of those poems being a modern interpretation of this rune. When I first began working with Raidō the rune poems were the only reference I took into my work. In each of these poems one thing stands out most. Journey, Riding and the less obvious adventure. This suggests that Raidō not only represents the experience of life as a concept but also its deep involvement with the events that occur in our lives. It is the literal door to opportunity and new experience. With this in mind there is a very clear application in mind for me with this rune. A Road Opener Ritual.

Every Magician Comes Across A Need To Manifest New Potential!.. Raidō Is The Key To Unlocking That Gate Of Opportunity!!!

In my experience there always comes a point where I hit a wall. Magicians commonly once reaching a goal, target, result or perhaps just finishing a project will often find themselves lost trying to figure out the next step. Or perhaps the magician has a project or goal they want to attain but have no idea how to push over the first domino and gain the momentum. Raidō is the perfect rune for this. To evoke Raidō into a ritual is akin to forging the very key needed to open the gates to opportunity. It is always wise to remember that the runes will tools are entities in their own rite. They have their own individual consciousness and so approaching them in this manor is likely to yield far greater results than to simply chant the rune a few times.

This type of road opener can be performed in several different ways. Depicting the rune upon the self is a simple method. Placing the rune on the bottom of your shoes or inside them. If you have a specific opportunity, you wish to make such as business perhaps drawing the rune on your business cards. The applications are many. However, aside from the simply implementations there is always the option of a full evocation. Literally evoking the rune into the circle and petitioning/casting to bring forth new opportunities and goals. How the magician goes about that, is entirely up to their ritual structure and preferences. However, Raidō is not only useful for road opener spells and rituals. Each rune is multi-layered and so exploring their other applications into ritual are just as important. More so in Raidō’s case, it’s not about what Raidō can manifest for you, but rather your journey in unlocking that.

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Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!
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So the journey rather than the destination.

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