Raguel and problems with work mates

Do you have problem with workmates getting you down because they’re not pulling their weight, maybe they’re being unruly when the boss isn’t there or they are generally passive aggressive hostile?
Well, there’s a might Archangel who wants to solve that problem for you. His name is RAGUEL.

Next time you’re having such problems, visualize his sigil in the air in front of you and throw it about the room. As you do that , hold your breath and mentally intone his name in a three syllable manner RAG-U-EL RAG-U-EL RAG-U-EL then exhale. Repeat until you feel his mighty presence.

Keep it up and let this might Archangel work his magic for you.

Warning, he doesn’t seem to like slackers so if you yourself are a slacker in the workplace, you will have to get your shit together if you want to work with him.