Ragnarson Journal

Continuing the discussion from Tiamat Calls Me:

So now, with a heavy heart, I say that I am retiring my Thor’s hammer. My time in Norse magick is at an end, at least for now. Through a series of events: Eye of Odin, Tiamat appearing to me, leading me into hell fire, and working with the gatekeepers, giving myself over entirely to 6 entities (Odin, Tiamat, Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, and Shemyaza), I am now fully dedicated to a work of darkness I can’t yet disclose. It is amazing to me how quickly things change when immersed in demonic pacts. But for now, you will not see Ragnarson wearing a Thor’s hammer or calling any entity matron or patron. Odin is still Allfather, Freya is still the Great Goddess, and Tiamat is still Mother of Chaos and Creation to me. I actually have felt the Eye of Odin upon me through this whole transition, and his hand pushing me into it. Anyone who says different pantheons don’t work together is a damn fool, because Odin himself introduced me to Tiamat, and together they have put me to the fire. I chose the name Ragnarson for myself. J.A. are the initials of my given name. I’ve been asked if it was because of Ragnar of Vikings, the TV show. While I love the show, the name Ragnar means warrior from the gods. I have been at war with the status quo long before Vikings came out. E.A. Recently said “only a pariah can walk this path”. Well, how fitting because I have the word “PARIAH” tattooed on my right shoulder! So, the Norse gods have always been a part of me, but I leave that season behind to do a new thing now. Skal!


I wish you well on your path. It will be interesting to hear about all of the insight that you shall garner from this branching out! Just because you take a break or stop working with a current doesn’t mean that there are any hard feelings or that it won’t be accessible should you choose to approach it once more.


Being a die hard heathen, I was hesitant to answer the call of Lucifer, I thought it would be an insult to the Asier and the Vanir… But I later realized how in reality they are quite compatible and that Odin himself would not look down upon me for looking for knowledge where I could find it…
Since then Amazing things have transpired, although Lucifer has actually brought me closer to my Gods, but has added something wonderful…
I look to working with other entities as well… my life has gotten nothing but better for it all…

I salute your honesty and your courage to venture out this way …

By well my friend,


Yes, and Odin himself has been called Wanderer so naturally his followers will be also. The search for knowledge never ends for a true heathen.

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