Ragequit with all “evidence” what would you do?

Almost a year ago I was working on a project, with a lot of rituals, spells etc. I spent half years on it, and I didn’t really see any results, it seemed like things even went further away from me.

So on a cold winter night I went out to the next local park and threw out everything, literally everything I’ve ever used for magic, besides a note that I made to list what I did, just to remember who to thank when my project finishes successfully.

Sadly as from my view this was kind of turning point of the situation and it even got worse for me after this.

Any idea how to restore a situation like this to normal with magic?

For a work that will need so much work, always do some divination first.

Second, you already know this, magick doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Third, without knowing the specifics, I can’t tell you anything, but ask yourself this: did you address ALL of the aspects of whatever you were trying to do?

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Well in the first place I didn’t know it needed this much, I just stared doing things and since I haven’t seen results I kept doing new ones.

This projects is so important for me that I would die instead of stopping do achieve this.

And I don’t really understand what do you mean by the last question.

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Let’s assume, for this example, you want a new job. Easy, right? Well, not so much. There are several things to take into account.

ONE, find the job. TWO, apply to the job. THREE, give a good interview. FOUR, actually get hired.

You have one goal, but four aspects.

In your specific project, did you address all the aspects involved?

Oh okay I see what you mean, but sadly it’s not this logical project that you can address like this, or if yes please help me with it.

Let’s say the project is to cause pain and harm to person (this is not my project just a good example), how would you make steps on this process? Because it’s like you work from distance on this without anything that you can physically do.

Well… first, what type of pain, what measure? For how long? Do we care for splash damage?

Let’s assume you want both, emotional and physical pain.

So I would go for something subtle, so it can build up. Maybe nightmares. Then, small accidents and sickness. Then, I’ll make that sickness harder to cure. Then I would try to make this person a pariah, take out his support system. Then his job. Then I would go for something harder, more physical, such as trying to make them victim of a violent mugging. And so on.

But all the emotional pain should be look at with care. One person’s nightmare is another’s insignificant annoyance.

Oh okay, so you mean that in a thing like this which is not like getting a job that has clear steps to follow, you should always build up like this?

So literally draw a timeline of the things I want to happen, which is building up to the main goal?

So it’s not like I do evocation for the main goal only, but better do them in smaller “amounts” ?

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Yes and no. I mean, without knowing what you want to is kind of hard to give you advice, but, I think, most goals need to be addressed layer by layer, otherwise the chances of failure go up.

Okay I get it I think, and do you have any suggestion that what should I do with the thing that when I threw out all my magical stuff, things only got worse?

I don’t know.

But the first thing I would think is that it got worse on its own and it wasn’t related to magick. Always look for mundane causes first.

Well said. As a noob, I ignored the importance of divination, and got my ass kicked by spirits. Don’t do it people, divination first. Learn a few methods even and practice practice practice.

Um, don’t stop then. Why the heck would you throw all your stuff away? With divination, sometimes you need to do several readings, such as a how to I approach this, and then when you have some methods in mind, do some readings on each of those methods.

Oft new mages and witches are tested by the higher powers to see if they are worthy. At that moment lots throw away the workings and than things get worst especially to people who try enochian. So the secret is never give up and continue! have a Plan and believe in yourself.