Radionics tools and tricks

Okay. Cool. I just didn’t want to take your thread off topic. I have tendency to do that. I am still pondering your ideas. So I will keep my reply here and start the Telsa thread though.

My brain is in 1,000 place at the moment.

What is your opinion on the Skyrim enchanting table thingy? It’s pretty interesting concept I have been toying with enchanting EVERYTHING I own on something like it.

Setting up my dinner room table as an altar too. Enchanting all my food. Silverware. Creating every meal as a ritual.

Lucifer mentioned the idea to me awhile ago. Everything is your spell. Your life is the ritual.

I was like dude that’s a lot of work. He was that is the point of it. Appreciation of what you have. By your actions.

Élan vital indeed.

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The skyrim thing you talk about @Crown really reminds me of a VR game called the wizard’s tower or something and it’s where you’re basically in a self made wizqrd esque temple with a altar and you can do lots of fun flashy magic like fire balls and spells and it’s pretty cool. Just a fun, room vr game with no goals, and you’re just there to mess around and play with all the stuff in said room.

Both that and the skyrim thing you mentioned honestly remind me of how I set up a dream altar and a dream astral castle/haven for myself. I think it’s really interesting that a lot of the dreaming and astral travel books I’ve read talk about making an astral alter. these vr games basically have alters in them as well that I’m wonder now if they can be used for magick

And now I’m totally gonna go try to cast some spells with the alters in my VRs game lol. I mean why not. Its energy, it’s technology, might get some interesting results.

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Have you made sure it’s in your own mindscape? I hold to the personal theory that each human mind is it own mini universe unto itself. It can cut out outside noises, if desired to or needs to.

In the Lucifer comic the demons are having a meeting inside of humans’ mind so not to get caught and remain hidden.

I never perform any astral spells out there. Always at home.

I have set up business offices, post offices and mini towns in my own mindscape so any in coming spirits can go there instead of bothering me. I let my higher self to deal with them. It’s works out pretty well. No one really is tapping inside my mind of late.

I do have to attend some meetings though. I can’t always get out of them. I would love just to 100% human.

For me, I have tried my best to create my life with little to zero difference from the other side to here. Either spirits can respect that or not bother me. I am not changing for anyone, be it human or other wise.

Us practicers need extremely strong rules in place with dealing with entities. But that is my own personal opinion. Respect is shown, earned and given.

It’s our spaces. We make the rules.

With head chips already here. Having this already set in place. I already ready for it. V.R. is just same old stuff for me, with a slight twist to it.

“Wait until they get a load of me.”


I found this interesting link:

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Indeed I have made sure. But now we’re really off topic. I’ll check out the link! ^.^

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