Rabbi Who Wants to Debate

Good evening, E.A.!

A few years ago, you made a video and posted an accompanying article on why the God of Abraham hates us and wants to stop our magickal ascent. At the end of the newsletter article, you challenged anyone from the JCI religions to debate you on this topic. Well, I just stumbled upon a Rabbi’s Youtube channel, and he made a video expressing his desire to debate anyone on any religious topic. His video can be found here:

Would you be willing to debate Rabbi Asher Meza on the subjects you discussed in your video, such as why “God” hates us and wants to keep us ignorant? I think that would be a great video to watch on your channel! Of course, this isn’t a high priority; I understand your work with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers comes first at this point in time. Thank you for your time and knowledge!

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