Quitting black magic

For the longest I’ve been afraid of death, and recently asked the archangels to teach me what happens in the after life. They led me to watch people’s Near death experiences on youtube. People that have died for longer than 10 minutes and resurrected showed similar patterns and consistent information. Similar things happen, like a tunnel, bright warm light, Jesus and unconditional love. At least the good ones. The bad ones showed a pit, demons and torture.

Since, I’ve quit black magic and started studying under the archangels, praying to Jesus. I would love to hear other people’s opinions. What do you think of NDEs?

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What about the experiences of those who saw nothing? No angels, no demons, no Jesus, no unconditional love, nothing. Just a black emptiness.

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I read a book years ago about those experiences, if you’re interested I can look it up
It contains many experiences where Christians or those from a Christian background have seen angels and their deceased relatives while non-Christians have seen different things.
The author explained that a person’s beliefs influence near-death experiences
Even your religious beliefs can affect you after death


Yeah this isn’t entirely true, unless by “bad ones” you mean non-Christians, because that sounds very biased towards selling Jesus, and Christianity IS an evangelical religion, they’re supposed to sell it to you at every opportunity.

I think you want to keep researching this iceberg, it’s pretty cool though and there’s way more to it than a few Christians dreaming they saw exactly what they expected.

Personally, having had an NDE when I was 6 and nearly drowned, for there was only black, and calm, and I thought “Oh good, I can stop now.” with a sense of relief. I was disappointed when I woke up. And I was raised Church of England, and again, I was freaking 6 so I don’t know how a 6 year old is supposed to “be bad”? This is why I think the videos you watched were probably selling a certain point of view.

What doctors do find is brain activity happens that is similar to epilepsy when they later report NDEs, and those people, like me, who have no signs of epilepsy, don’t have them. Anyone who talks about it 99% never mentions any idea they didn’t already know about.

Then there are the rare outliers that are really interesting, like the case of a woman who came back speaking a new language having experience years while under. She didn’t see JCI stories, she saw a future life of hers and made predictions of future tech that came true. I’d link it but I saw the idea on gaia.com which has a paywall


This is interesting because there are medically documented cases of people in comas who woke up with fluency in languages they had never spoken before.

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They see this because of the influence from Christianity who have a huge influence on western culture including our subconsciousness. Have you not removed the Christian programming you will experience those things. The same thing happens when people summon demons who have not reprogrammed from Christianity. Demons are spirits who mirrors our shadow so these people will be scared back to the church…


HOW do you positively know that “nice” NDE happen only to good people, and bad NDE happen only to bad people?


What happens after death? In my personal view, we really don’t know for sure.
There are many fascinating anecdotes and phenomena that people take as reinforcement (or sometimes refutation) of their existing beliefs.
But I don’t think that any living person can legitimately claim to know with objective certainty.

As for NDEs… I think that one must take into account that brain chemistry does all sorts of weird stuff in the dying moments. The way this presents retrospectively in memory, and perhaps also in real time in the moment, are immensely varied. Therefore, I would suggest that making presumptions of objective truth in relation to such subjective experiences is probably unwise,

Do we know absolutely and with definitive clarity what happens when we die? Personally, I dont think that we do


Hey guys, I had a near death experience about 6 months to a year ago. I was dying in my bed. Long story short, I saw the Archangel Azrael. I never seen him before but the moment he appeared, every atom in my being knew it was him.

He looks like a big blue eye with a lot of black wing (biblical accurate angel). I had a conversation with him which I don’t really recall. And the bodily problem I was dealing with was gone and felt like a new born baby.

This is my experience with near death experience.

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