Quickest way you've ended someone?

I need to end someone quick for the good of all involved. Suggestions?

Bullet through the medulla


Search function for bainful magick

Dume Candle with your favorite vengeful Entity.


He’s not worth me going to prison or I’d have done it long ago.

By the way, I have done quite a bit of reading. A quick end (the quickest) is important here. I don’t want to faff about for a year here.

I’m sorry, but if you want a “quick end,” then you would be better off using physical means rather than spiritual.

Baneful magick cannot be rushed. The mechanism through which the spirit works depends on a lot of unseen variables that you just cannot predict.

The same spell that kills one individual quickly through accident, might kill another slowly through disease.

Plus, there is the factor of defenses that needs to be considered. A heavily protected target may drag on for years before falling. Magick never works within our limited perception of time.

Edit to add: I think @Micah might have more insight into this. Baneful Magick is his wheelhouse.


This particular target is not protected in any way. I was simply asking for the experiences of other people just to add to my grimoire. I don’t think that all targets should be handled the same way. I am not the first person to ask this. There are plenty of examples of other members asking the same question if you use the search function.

I used a death spell once. But love always gets in the way. I almost ended the man who attacked someone I love. He attempted suicide three days later. But unfortunately his damn parents talked him out of it. They stalled him for 2 hours. I was so close. Love. The nerve of it.


Someone on here (I can’t remember what member right now, I apologize) posted about a lemon spell that they did. It wasn’t for death, however it messed the target’s finances up pretty bad (along with other things) Their parents seem to have bailed them out of it but after they bailed him out he got into financial trouble again. So it may continue to go after him even though they saved him this time.


That’s comforting . Thnx. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: