Quick Ways To Destroy An Enemy

I need ways that are easy and quick to completely destroy my enemies, is it possible that these people will be destroyed completely or what will happen. Also are there any rituals or ways to discover my enemies if I donot know them?


Moved to the Baneful section. This topic is more appropriate there.

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Is this just a general curiosity or are you preparing for specific targets. Reason I ask, if its general interest then go to the baneful section and start reading every post of interest. Or purchase a copy of EAs book baneful magick off Amazon. They just released again and they are less than 30 bucks.
If its for a specific target, then please explain the situation without naming names and we will be able to provide more useful options for you to explore.

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Find out their deepest fear.
Then make it happen.


I am actually preparing for specific targets. They are expert sorceress or very ancient type of witches with some kind of ancient magic, I already know they have strong magickal protection in place so need some king of a “Big Boss” spell of magickal attack.

I would like some simple but effective suggestions as well.

I have an ex friend who manipulated and took advantage of my wife during a rough patch we were having. Her and I are working on fixing things but he is doing everything he can to tear us apart.

I want him out of our lives and to suffer for what he has put me through.