Quick Questions That Don't Deserve A Thread

As title says, in this thread you can ask questions that you feel like don’t deserve a new thread on their own, and hopefully get some quick answers.

I’ll start out:
About 5-6 days ago I randomly picked up 2 6-sided dices from a game someone was playing, while waiting for someone to get dressed up before leaving the house together. I threw it few times not expecting anything and I got miraculous row of 4 and 4 streak, about 6-7 of them in a row. Then I started throwing again and I kept getting 4 and 2 streaks. Kinda odd, I made sure that my throws were random. What could it mean? Statistically chance of that happening is astronomically low. Anyone has had such experiences?

I have become so in tune with that I intentionally cause the outcomes of probability. It’s called tychokenisis. It’s a whole study in it’s self and you have been introduced to it by chance. It was a strange compulsion to do that with the dice and it was brought on by something guiding you. Pm me and I can help you out.

The specific numbers may not have had any meaning.

Possibly, you started off with natural random occurrence of two dice rolls being the same. The novelty of that event caused you to increase your focus on that random outcome, which then caused it to repeat.

The twos later on were likely pattern decay.

It’s fairly common for lucid dreamers to attempt a flashy maneuver for the first time, pull it off, and then be able to repeat it over and over in that same dream with no problems whatsoever. What usually happens is that when they try to do it again on another night, it just fails miserably. Why mastery the first time and failure afterwards?

Novelty. The novelty of having done it the first time draws extra attention and helps keep that pattern stable. The thing about novelty is, it always fades over time. So without that novelty boost, successive attempts become much less reliable.

I’m rather apathetic to magic and coincidences so there weren’t much novelty.
I proceeded to replicate the experience with cards few days ago but the ability is rather unstable. I pulled few exact cards I had in mind but then I kept getting random shit.

How to master materialization of physical objects from the astral

Isn’t that process outlined in the Devils stone ritual in the book of Azazel? You essentially evoke the object as you would a spirit but do it constantly in the same spot for consecutive days, thereby weakening the veil and bringing the astral into physical