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what spirt helps rid of cps a friend of mine is going through bs n just want her kids back done every thing they asked n still wont leave her be what happen wasnt her fault so i want to cast for her.

also who can help me get a house with bad credit lol lmao but seriously tho

You have to realize that real world rules still apply even when using spirits.

While spirits can help you obtain a house when you have bad credit, it may not be the kind of house you want, and it may take a long time to manifest because of the various obstacles in the way. No spirit, no matter how powerful, can completely override the mundane requirements.

That being said, Lucifer helped @Eye_of_Ra obtain a house, so he may be able to help you.

As for your friend, rather than trying to get rid of Child Protective Services, whose job is the welfare of the child (and chances are you are only getting one POV on the situation, that of your friend, so you really don’t know what the truth within the “BS” is) I would recommend an entity concerned with the welfare of children, like Hathor or Hestia (who is the Goddess of Families, and would have a vested interest in keeping the children with their mom). They will ensure that the children’s safety takes priority over whatever story either your friend or CPS is telling and, if your friend is in the right, will help reunite her with her kids.

Edit to add: I am not a fan of government agencies such as CPS, but I know from experience that bureaucracies like them are very hard to influence due to their natures, so that is why I suggest focusing on the welfare of the kids rather than trying to affect CPS itself.


thank you for that yeah kinda figured they couldnt override certant things but its do able i dont want to buy renting is better n ill look for info on them thank u

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: I hope you found it useful, and good luck to you and your friend.

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What happened? Did you get the house. Did the mom get results?

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Yes both I am now living in a nice cheap but beautiful three/four bedroom house with a back yard and a gated in front yard my friend is no longer dealing with cps and is doing very well for herself as well things worked out great I think I called on king Paimon to help with this is I’m not mistaken

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That is good

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