Quick question

how do I get a demon to attach itself to me as protection? Is there any way I can seek protection from a demon and how do I contact it?

so you are saying that I should just contact any demon and ask it to point me to the right one? sorry im pretty new to this haha

yea, learn basics of evocation

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alright, thank you :smile:

They don’t usually do your work for you, but they can teach you how to protect yourself, and you can ask for them to assign some of thier legions to you.

Try Lae’ti’kohl of the Book of Azazel by EA Koetting, she is a warrior that specialises in battle and protection in battle. She can teach you how to arm yourself and in the use of spiritual weapons.

You need to start somewhere, and I suggest, after you’ve read through the tutorials I linked for you in your intro post, you pick up a book and work through it. Any book you’re drawn to will do, the Book of Azazel is a good place to start, a Goetic pathworking (pick a modern author), a Draconian path book - whatever you like, but learn the full basics of something in western occultism to form a base.

By the time you’ve done that, you’ll have more questions, some ideas about what you want to try first, and you’ll be on your way :slight_smile: