Quick question about the Lesser Encircling Rite of The Luciferian

I’ve been using Ford’s Lesser encircling rite for some times. But I’m now feeling that I am doing it worng.

Because ford just instructed to make an inverted pantagram and viberate LILITH. Not saying what pantagram I used the pantagram I felt okay.

So now the more I think of it I’m getting confused.

Anybody knows what pantagram I should use? Earth, fire, water or air? Invoking or banishing?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

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Use inverse invoking pentagrams. Lilith should be air as she presides over Gamaliel/Yesod/Luna, but the Satanism pdf I have lists to use a black envisioned earth inverse invoking pentagram.

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Sounds like he ment just this.

Completely different system, golden dawn associations applied to kaballah. So trying to apply it may do nothing but muddie the waters of the system you are exploring and cause confusion.


If you have been getting results the way you have been doing it, I’d say stick to that.

If you are exploring both systems i would recommend you keep them separate starting out to avoid internal confusion and doubt.

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Think about how Lilith fits into your own cosmology. You are the operator of your own universe.

The hebrew legends have her as either a spirit of the air. It is said she spoke the true name of god and flew away. That she would turn into an owl and watch over people. But she is also known as presiding over earth because she was made from the same earth as Adam.

She has always appeared to me as representing Malkuth being green and representing the body, pleasure and self worth. Being comfortable with your body and yourself and mastering Earth before you go farther up the dark tree.


Okay then … I can follow that. Should air be chosen, that should be visualized as yellow.