Quick question about the Astral realm

So out of curiosity, I was wondering, in ones Astral Realm, could one watch, lets say, an anime in their realm? Or play a video game in their realm and have it be an anime or video game that actually exists? Im asking because a few witches ive met say its possible but I want others opinions on it.

In theory, yes. In theory, you could visit the Library of Alexandria, it existed in the mind of man and is recorded in the Akashic records.

In practice, getting mad skills like that isn’t super easy, and could take years to develop - for animes, it would be quicker and easier just to make the purchase.


But it would be good because when i die i plan to live in my realm, and think it would be cool to still be able to watch some of my favorite shows, and play my favorite game with my spirit companions.

Yes you probably can. I mean you can go to someone’s house and watch it there. Plus I know someone who astral projects and claims to watch tv in the spirit world. Some made there and some are “imported” from here.

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