Quick question about "so-called" ghost boxes/radios?

Are these legit? I doubt it, and someone told me that they are just a broken radio and picks up random stuff…not actual spirit voices. I’m open minded but it seems highly doubtful to me, because then everyone would have one or atleast be more mainstream…

And if by CHANCE they do work, how?

This has been asked before.Use the search button.

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I have used one successfully but the clarity depends om where you are and how capable the spirit is. It works through white noise the same way you would use a tv on a dead channel (at least in the old days) combined with a tape recorder. I used one in my old apartment which had a lot of spirit activity in it. I got a consistant voice 2 times on different days. Honestly though we are better off developing our senses to see and hear them ourselves than through technology. If a spirit isn’t able to manipilate a device than it won’t work so it is dependant on that.

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Sorry I’ll check out the search, forgot about that. Usually good about checking beforehand, my apologies.

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Interesting. All those videos of people doing it, and I can NEVER make out what the spirits are supposedly saying…it sounds all incoherent to me and I don’t know how others seem to understand even a word or so…

Yeah a lot of it is hearing what they want to hear. The actual spirit voices are faint and weak so unless you have fine tuned hearing or out somewhere without radio signal it is hard to communicate with. Most tv shows and videos are production quality results or as I said wishfull hearing. The brain likes to trick us into seeing and hearing what we want so most just roll with it. Astral senses, psychic ability is way more accurate and easier than jumbled frequencies.

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I agree, but I’m sure people who are new to telepathy (Spiritual communication) might have an issue with not knowing whether they are communicating with a spirit or their mind also telling them what they want to hear. Since alot of people ask, myself included ask about things like how to know the difference between oneself and a spirit.

However in the long run, I think using natural abilities is much wiser then relying on technology, besides humans rely to much on technology anyways (best not to add to it lol).

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@Mind_Seeker20 You are fine no need to apologize :blush:

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I’m inclined to say it’s Pareidolia

The tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music.

I think that extends to random voices from scanning quickly through radio channels.

I can only ‘hear’ the message after I see the subtitles, and I’m all “oh, I sort of see how that sounds a bit like that” … but it doesn’t really.

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In reference to the radio voices people hear when trying to communicate with ghosts?

Yes, that’s what spirit boxes are - modified radios that scan radio channels - they’re designed to pick up fragments of radio broadcasts.

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Figured, then the mind probably makes the “sounds” sound like messages you want to hear, or to believe your communicating with the “other side”.


However, just to play devils advocate and take a more magickal mindset for a minute… if you’re looking for signs and answers to a question, then the idea that the snippets caught by the box are influenced by entities to get a certain message through holds water.

I have a feeling, that to combine a spirit box with summoning, or an actually present entity, could be pretty effective.

But there’s going to be a line there. Like with pendulums and ouija boards, it could be nothing and random, or it could be real… and judging the difference between the two would take some magickal training and skill.

So depends on the situation and circumstances of the situation then? One of those things that usually “isn’t so” but on certain occasions can be something more then originally thought?

I think so. I’d probably rely on other techniques first and experiment with the box after I knew there was an entity that was present, and that wanted to communicate through it.

I think ghost hunters tend to use it to try to prove an entity is present, and that’s where it gets iffy.

It seems best geared to human ghosts that are already familiar with radio as a medium, but I would guess there’s a learning curve for them to get good with it as well.

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