Quick question about plants and the fae

Is it true having plants will attract the fae? Specifically indoor plants? I’ve heard this alot, as their obvious association with nature but never knew if it was true.

Any signs to regonize if fae are around?

They can be invited but personally I don’t believe it automatically attracts them, fae are tied to nature but they’re not really all “oh fk yes indoor flowers!” or anything like that lol.

My plants I invited the fae to come around.


It’s not really that I personally want them around, it’s just so I know if they’d be attracted. However that makes sense.

Besides I don’t think they’d want to be in my bedroom…that’s where I got my plant set up…I had to move the plants cause no one else seems to know how to care for them and actually got a few almost killed…

Plants in the bedroom aren’t always the best choice by the way, since they use up oxygen at night.

I personally think fae are attracted by pieces of land and plants that are not treated with chemicals, and which are left alone a little bit. So, not the perfect garden where no grass is allowed to grow in the wrong place, and not the indoor plant that is surrounded by bad energy and bad air.


It’s winter so I can’t put them outside, I also don’t have all the plants – mostly the ones I think need more light (I have one of those lights that can be good for plants) and others that are “sick”. Due to some folks not understanding plants.

I thought plants increase the oxegon? Also some plants are known to clean the air.

Only during the day.

Hmm, okay well I have a few that need more light (going to move them once spring/summer come around) – and others can come and go (waiting for a few to look healthier).

That will decrease the amount at night and within one place. Some of the plants were kinda given to me (from sister/etc) because she realized she couldn’t care for them…so I was trying to give those light.

I didnt know that o.o

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This might explain some asthma issues I had last night, could have been something else.

FYI not a plant expert lol, I just like nature + growing plants

Now if they take up oxegon at night…you’d think air qualities all around (earth wide) would decrease? Especially since there are much more plants/etc outside even within cities/suburbs then there ever will be inside.

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Plants during the day (photosynthesis):
6CO2 + 12H2O + Light Energy ------> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

Plants during the night (respiration):
C6H12O6 + 6 O2 = 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + 2875 KJ


No, they clean up the air. CO2 is not responsible for bad air, other emissions are doing that.
But in a closed room at night with lots of plants and you sleeping there on top of that, the oxygen gets used up faster.

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Well ffffuck.

This is very interesting…
(slowly removing plants from his bedroom)


I have two very small plants there, it’s not like you will die because of that. But you shouldn’t have too many there.
Lavender is a good one to have in the bedroom though, it makes you sleep better.


Indeed… I put some fresh lavender buds in my pillow every night

Works like a charm


I’ll rotate the plants in and out of my room, got sage not lavender though.

I have lavender tea…does that count?


Yes. :rofl:


Specifically it’s lavender + chamomile…:sunglasses: Lavender on its own taste bad unless you add alot of sugar, or honey.