Quick question about lucifer

Can anyone tell me how many times I can try to do evo in a day I did one earlier not sure if it worked but I just have and urge to try again but I don’t wanna be irritating if anyone could help that would be awesome thanks


I think it’s best to stick to one ritual per day. I have a quick daily practice that I do each day, and sometimes I’ll do tarot readings earlier in the day, but I generally only do one summoning once per day.

I also think it’s best to do one ritual for the result that you want, and then to be patient and allow the spirit to work on your request. Sometimes results can come very fast, but oftentimes it takes a little bit for reality to “catch up” to what you asked for.

What you can do, however, is summon Lucifer again and ask for guidance and wisdom. Much of the time, the best thing to do is simply to be patient and let him do his thing. Sometimes, however, he will give you an intuition (or if your senses are developed, speak to you directly) about how you could act in the world, or how you could take a different magickal approach to the situation.

For the record, this question and many others are answered in the grimoire Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. It’s the book that I use, and it is based on decades of research and practical experimentation. It is truly a gift.

I can’t stress enough the importance of patience, by the way. Lucifer will not be irritated if you summon him again (as he is more patient than any being I know), but perhaps you would benefit more from turning your attention toward other things for now. He works best when you give him the space to do so.


Okay awesome thank you

You can talk to Lucifer as much as you wish to. Invoking him in your mind just walking down the street or doing whatever you are doing is all you have to do.

Even when you think he’s not there listening, he is, and he loves to hear what you have to say. It can be about anything you wish to talk to him about.

That’s how bonds are form, and when the bond becomes stronger, so will your workings through him.

I carried his sigil today and I felt a certain kind of like energy it might just have been in my head but I don’t know feel like I have kinda different outlook on some things is it okay to carry it? and can I talk to him in my mind without actually doing the invocation ritual and is it completely safe to do the invocation ritual. Sorry I know that a lot but I have lots of questions my mind is all over the place

Yes, its ok to carry it on you. Yes, you can communicate with him through your thoughts as well.

You can even invoke him by visualizing his sigil in your mind and focusing on it.

Safety depends upon your state of mind and measures you take to prevent negative energy attachment.

Welcome to the world you never thought existed. :grin:

I’d recommend purchasing “The psychic defense handbook” by Robert Bruce. It will give you advice on handling such energies and the means of defending yourself.

It is a must read.

Don’t be afraid to do research on your own merit, go with what resonates with you in your searches, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is a learning experience for us all, always.

Good luck

Dark blessings upon you.

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Okay awesome thank you for your time and knowledge is it okay to ask one more quick question

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I just wanna know if its okay to do evocation when my girlfriend is in the same room she stays quiet and let’s me do my thing but can it affect her or mess with the ritual

I’m assuming she would be aware of what is taking place?

In all honesty, I strongly recommend that you research ways to protecting yourself before going full plunge into evocation. The means of protecting yourself can also be applied to your girlfriend as well.

Though doing your research on whom you wish to evoke is always recommended. Some spirits may only wish to have the operator (yourself) present in the ritual, it all depends upon whom you are evoking.

Learn the means of divination before continuing to perform any evocation or ritual of any kind. This is a means of preemptively safeguarding yourself and predict the outcome to anything that may occur, favorable or not.

Though Lucifer is the best entity to begin with, there is always a risk of other spirits that may come through if the ritual is not properly closed.

If your girlfriend is interested in what you are doing, then maybe, you both can take the journey together.

Many covens have and still perform rituals with multiple ppl present and participate in. The decision is, of course, up to her.

I suggest also purchasing “Liber Null & Psychonaut”. It has exercises that will help you achieve results that you seek.

Keep a notebook as well to record what you experience and document.


The most I’ve done is only like 2 or 3 times in one day

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Quick answer: As many times it feels right for you.

As for me, I once did it twice. It worked both times, I just needed some advice about something.


Okay thank u every one all of you are amazing

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Follow your intuition, if you are called to do another do another. Only you can say what’s right for you.

You’re not going to hurt yourself by trying, more likely nothing will happen if you’re too tired from earlier.
And in magik, it’s always better to do more than less. Do more, build more, develop more, as much as possible, all the time until you can’t. That’s how you get swole.

Remember the whole of the law? “Do as thou wilt.”