Quick "prayers" in a pinch?

In life, sometimes we could use help in a random situation (e.g.: please help my child choking, or this traffic is keeping from a job onterview, etc.). Not including the help we can receive from ancestors, can I call on entities without a full invocation? That is one thing I miss about my christian background.

Hell yes! :slight_smile:

It helps to have made a connection first, but yes once that’s made you can totally call on the help of an entity without a full-on ritual.

I agree with Lady Eva, a connection is important. Actually it occurs to me a I type this, that this is another reason why doing work with various spirits, of various personalities and “skill sets” and interests, can be a benefit. It seems to me that as we work with a few of them, it may just be possible to get a couple on ‘speed dial’ so to speak. They become our allies in a way.

But I have certainly done this before. I plan to try working this way a bit more, as I form connections with more and more beings. I am assuming that some are more willing to do this than others may be.

Also I personally feel like we should later take the time to go slightly more formal in whatever way we typical work when really planning to work, and say thank you properly. You don’t typically call up a neighbor on a regular basis, ask them to help you move a a bookshelf, look for your run away dog, lend you their lawn mover, change your oil, ect, and never once bother to say you appreciate their help, after all. Haha, if I had a neighbor doing that all the time to me, I;d be fed up and ignoring their calls pretty quickly.

I see this as a major part of the purpose of familiars. I have a familiar I often use to get rid of tailgaters, for example.

Take that purity and heartfelt earnestness which you prayed to the christian god and direct it toward the god of your choice. When I do that, I usually feel or see something that confirms that the god heard me. I do these little prayers anywhere I am and they work.

Your Christian back ground is your refuge and your home base, stay with it. The stories, history and messages add up to a total fulfilling of God’s word to us.

Fwiw you are a spirit and can call on yourself in many situations, depending on your own level of contact with yourself.