Quick help to fix a family relationship

Hello i need somekind of spirit that can fix relationship with parents more to say with father
A story behind it is that me and my father for my whole life are fighting and i wasn’t so attached for it but for last few months thes fights are so exhausting and they happening all the time and i am so fruatraited i didnt fix it before becose i didnt wonthed use magick on my family but now i fell that i shuld and i know there is no other way then to use smoe spirit to fix it so i realy need help
Thank you all for help and sorry for bad english


You can do this without using magick on your family. I would work with a spirit that deals with emotions and reconciliation, and ask it to guide you to a more joyous relationship with the your father. Water spirits are good for this. Magick that works on the self tends to be the most potent kind anyway.


I can’t help with the issue but I changed the title from “Quick Help” in the hope more people might see this and have ideas and suggestions on how to help you.

The other thing is that any kind of relationship work won’t be a “quick help” thing, it will take time to work through.

In actual fact perhaps you might think about creating honey jars - please search the site for information or use google for lucky mojo.

Good luck

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The angel Mahasiah is excellent in creating peace and putting a stop into arguments his superior is Raziel so you might wanna contact him so that you can create a stronger communication with Mahasiah
here is the sigila42e58b56123cb74938312e96fd516ac--griffins-occult