Quick healing for panic and anxiety attacks

So I did a search an didnt find much, so I’m asking here (seems like the best fit) while healing others isn’t a new concept to me I’ve been learning it for a few years now and facilitate that with crystals and herbs. However I’m searching for a way to provide quick and temporary fixes for these attacks. Typically I’d focus on visualising a sort of flowing circle where I’m pushing my calmness reassurance and love into the person while pulling out the energies of fear, pain, and other negativites. then I’d store that energy received in me temporarily while I verbally calm them and transfer it to the earth again or into a storage vessel for later use if I decided to. And it typically works well as a fix if I’m with them but what about ways to perform this over a distance with no visual sight of the target, my understanding is that the energy circle I’ve used should still work and I hear a phone call and focusing on photos of the target help solidify that, but it seems to turn out to be a much weaker version of what I could do in person. Is there a mistake I’m making or perhaps a way to help boost my focus and range? Literally ANY insight would be helpful please

Edit it’ll probably help to mention that I am intimate with this particular target as she is my fiance