Quick experience

Hey guys…

Lol i just wanna share my quick experience that happened during the week when i was lying in bed.

So i’ve been battling with which spirit to evoke next for this next thing that i want. And i didn’t want to try a new spirit so i limited my options to the ones i’ve had evoked or worked with previously before. So on top of that I wasn’t sure what offering to give when this “thing” comes to fruition.
Here i am chilling in on my phone looking to the roof and suddenly i get a taste/smell (at the same time) of chocolate. I asked out loud “I wonder who this is” (i don’t know what i said that)
I opened this great app GoeticGuide and it has an option saying “Feeling Lucky?” i clicked that and boom Prince Seere pops up. I swear i almost jumped out of my bed because how shocked i was at the synchronicity because i’ve been battling on if i should evoke Bune or Seere for this next working. I was like alright alright i see you Seere. I still am in disbelief because this is the first time this happened to me and i’ve also noticed that my intuition has improved quite a bit during the last past weeks.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. I’m not a intermediate or advanced magician i’m just learning the ropes along the way (just felt i should say that)
But yeah that was my experience lol.

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