Quick! Everyone, Check To See If Your Magick Is Still Working! LOL

You know the saying, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?

I was thinking earlier, I try real hard to keep the downright mean christian trolls off of my blog and such because it ruins everyones experience who actually believes in this stuff but, that it would be fun and funny to have one of those fearful christians contact me, you know not the type that contact you damning to you hell and cursing at you but the type that seem to be genuinely afraid for your safety and redemption when they see that you are evoking demons and they think they’ve been given a mission from god to save your soul from eternal damnation in the fiery pits?

I kept dwelling on that earlier to entertain myself, so to speak, and sure enough one of them contacts me.

Someone tells me earlier today that she does not mean any offense but feels that I have been mislead by the christian devil and lead astray from the lord by him and that I am bringing others down with me by sharing my videos and articles of my interactions with demons because, demons are very dangerous creatures and I do not understand the seriousness of my actions but it her duty to save people and help them repent for their sins and bring them back into the light of god.

Then she says "In the name of the lord jesus christ I have hereby broken all spells, curses, and rituals that you and all of your friends have cast or performed. Gone in the name of the savior! I hereby denounce all bonds and contracts that you and your friends have made with these dangerous demons, gone and void in the name of the savior! Right here, right now! This ends today! Your spells will no longer have an affect on those you wish to control, your destiny is whatever jesus determines it to be, not what some demon is willing to give you.

I wrote her back and I gave her the usual spill, and told her I’ve already been to hell and back and found it quite relaxing and refreshing! Oh and my spells are still working so jesus didn’t do a very good job with breaking them. Lucifer is the light, not god. Just because I can’t wait to see her reaction. I don’t normally argue with the trolls because they are annoying and ruthless but the fearful catholic types, they are fun to rebuttal.

What makes her think that one prayer to jesus is going to break every spell, curse, and ritual that me and all of you have done recently? Or that she actually has the right to denounce any contracts and agreements we have made with our demonic allies on our behalf without our consent? She actually expected her prayer to just end our friendships and contracts with these entities as if they’re gonna vanish and never talk to us again because someone else asked THEIR god to tear up these agreements on our behalf. The nerve of some people!

Well technically I consider most of the people I meet on this and other forums to be more aquaintances then freinds so that would be a loophole in her statement there… but yeah one way or another I think everything will be fine. Maybe you should just bullshit her and tell her that you bent a spoon with your mind just now so that means it didn’t work.

I’m watching the Soyuz docking live at the ISS right now online, and am as interested in these trolls and delusionals, as the astronauts & ground crew are in flat earthers… :wink:

There is blind limiting “belief,” and then there’s knowing, doing, and being.

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Maybe tell her that jesus might be able to save HER soul, But only Satan can truly set her free. Oh they do so love to hear that.

You said that like I believed her or something. I told her shit was still working on my end, just thought that was so daring of her thinking she could affect all of our magickal workings with one prayer.

I did want to say “the demons are all here laughing at you while I’m reading your comments” but she would’ve came back at me and said, no they’re laughing at you for believing in this. So I came at her in a different way. And it doesn’t matter how you see everyone else on here, these were her words not mine. I don’t consider online acquaintances as friends either, they can be like friends but not the kind of friends that you know in person so I get what you’re saying but don’t direct that at me like these were my words. By friends, she probably meant like-minded people.

Naw I mean she seems naive enough that if you show her a picture of a bent spoon she’d probably buy it. It’ll be fun.

No doubts…But it can be very amusing to play with them on their level from time to time. Maybe they will begin to see how silly they really are. Probably not, but one can hope.

Yeah basically the troll was trying to use christian witchcraft against you though she would never see it as such of course. In many “prophetic” types of churches, they teach you deliverance ministry techniques… Basically she believes that by you coming into agreement with “demonic things” you open doorways to demons and satan…LOL. Deliverance types of ministries typically involve a person praying over you, and then “casting out” and “breaking bonds” in their minds “in Jesus’ name…” blah blah blah etc… In her mind she has the “authority” to do so…that she has the means to “break off” any demonic influence… And she is full of shit of course :wink: The ironic thing is that those specific practices are found nowhere in the bible… She basically tried to commit “spiritual rape”… As she was doing something another person didn’t want, didn’t ask for etc…which I find repugnant. It is one thing for those types to be fearful and “concerned” for your soul… And in her mind she was “removing the blinders”, but fails to grasp that what she did was absolutely wrong, even by bible standards, and therin lies the irony. People like her pick and choose and twist scripture to suit their needs in order to feel powerful and righeoous, as if she has a purpose. By attempting what she did with you, that is self gratifying her ego…as she can bond with other xtians over their “war stories” about how she thinks she cast out big baaaaad demons…and rescued a lost soul… The typical masturbatory bullshit their egos require. And at least we all can have a good laugh at her expense… :wink:

Oh no!Guys,I can’t get into the Theta-Gamma sync!

How will I commune with my Dark Father?!?He will ruin my life if I don’t serve and worship him!We must turn to Christ to deliver us from this Satanic menace that plagues our lives and walk the righteous path!

But I appreciate the effort on her part.See if you can’t go look for the energy sent your way on the astral.CHances are her prayer works just as any other spell does,so you can technically take it and reprogram uit towards something.

Everything is useful,everything is magic.Bless this lady for caring for you. :wink:
In fact,you can probably add it to your nice collection of defensive spells and use it to undo a binding or something when or if something puts one on you.

Oh those silly fundy xtians.

BTW, what IS your blog, raven? Because the one in your profile links to a “user does not exist” page on blogspot. Same with your youtube.

[quote=“BB44, post:10, topic:7377”]Oh those silly fundy xtians.

BTW, what IS your blog, raven? Because the one in your profile links to a “user does not exist” page on blogspot. Same with your youtube.[/quote]

I fixed it. LOL, just realized I had my band name instead of my blog name typed into the URL and the other URL had changed a few weeks ago when youtube let me finally pick a /username for the end of my channel URL instead of all those numbers and letters. Don’t know how long that’s been messed up like that.