Quick and Dirty Sigil for Shadow Work

I was asked to share this. Its a sigil designed to attack your shadow. I was prompted to make this upon feeling a strong drive for shadow work. I summoned my shadow and we began to discuss.

He showed me the magnetism our bodies have together. How our work has laid the channels and the gravity for us to be joined; the groundwork essentially. I was told it was time for me to attack him. To destroy my shadow that we might be reunited as one (transmuted and reintegrated).

After a bit of trance, numerology, and my growing alchemical understanding we come out with the pictue above. From the soul energy is pulled in an outward spiral to the element of air. This has the energy of 5. The 3rd corner of the spiral is attacking the shadow self (given a number of 4) with the number 7 (2 2 3). In total that gives us 16 which gives us 7.

If you attempt to use this sign your name below it. And also if anyone needs it I can provide clarification of symbols.


Hey tell me more about this

How does attacking your shadow integrate it? I don’t see how that will do anything to work through the rest of its aspects that don’t involve fighting. There must be something I don’t understand.


What more do you want to know?

@anon39079500 idk thats what it told me to do. I was in trance. I get the sense attacking it was what I needed to do in order to take control over it. Stop running and just dig right in, with the calm mind of a warrior.

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Classification on the symbols

OK from the top down and left to right

The stars I put in trance not sure of their purpose
The square attunes everything inside to the energy of 4.
Inside is the sign of the dark moon Lilith with represents dearth or our lack.
The lighting bolt represents action.
The triangle is the alchemical glyph for fire.
The box with the lines represents the opposite or the inverse.
The three lines represent 000
The hook represents 09
Everything inside the square represents the shadow self

The thing that looks like a smiley is a pictorial representation of 7 (223)

The symbols from the spiral from the in out:
A unicursal hexagram with a circle around the x represents the soul
The element of water
The K is for Eris of Discordia which is what I identify as the active principal or materia
The element of fire
The element of air.

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Alright thanks

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