Quick altar idea looking for improvements

Bulding an altar top mostly for item impowerment type stuff this on a tri fold poster board

Id like feed back and sugestions


Dont know as of yet havent used it

I like the design and the look. Maybe (I don’t want to insult) make the seals, especially the pentagram, a bit ‘cleaner’ (like with a compass or something)

I doubt he’s going to stand on his altar.

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well said my bad - apologies. post deleted.

Lol i free handed everything out poster board out stuff left over from another project

Perhaps elemental lines going from the corners towards the center: northwest for Earth, in dark green; southeast for Fire in orange; southwest for Water, cyan; and northeast for Air, indigo or violet.


It looks like a massive alter piece is this for a specific ritual or is this going to be used as your fundamental alter for all your work?

Just as a alter piece it went under a glass end table top

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