Questions to those working with Furcas

(I want to start by noting that my senses are still not fully clear)

I called Furcas for the first time today and asked for his help with something, but I want to establish a long-term relationship with Furcas. During the end of the ritual, I smelled a heavy smell of cigarettes. Does Furcas like cigarettes? How often should I give him an offer? I would be very happy if those who have worked with Furcas ,can help. @Mike_Bee do you know anything about this?

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he enjoys cigars, for sure. But cigarettes and booze will work well as well. I recommend establishing a conversation with him about what you both want out of this relationship. That’s the best thing to do in almost all relationships.


Personally, I don’t think the offers are necessary as you think. You give what comes out of your heart. Because you want to, not because it is part of a business deal.
You should give him an offer as much as you want to. No more or less.

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I haven’t worked much with Furcas but tobacco or myrrh would probably appropriate offerings and perhaps rum I’d try too.

Mmmm :thinking:I see where you’re coming from and there’s a good many practicioners who agree with that way of thinking but I feel like we live in a give and take world with give and take in our relationships. There is always an exchange of some kind wether we realize it or not. Nothing is free in this life or the next I’m told. :thinking::thinking:


You are right. I should have been more clearer.
To me, offers are not payments but "thank you"s. Don’t get me wrong, I am generous with them, but I don’t see them as transaction. I more than do it when I feel it is necessary. But saying I’ll do this if you do this feels troubling to me.


Kinda depends on the spirit as well. Most of angels really don’t seem to care about it. I think some practitioners see an offering as a thank you, some see it as growing a relationship.

Since these beings are not of physical realm, my offers are abstract.


I think they are valuable. Can you elaborate on your offers?

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i haven’t worked as deeply with furcas as others, but burning myrrh each time is my usual offering.

as others have stated, offerings are mostly just “thank yous” as well as polite things you give. think of it like having a guest in your house - to be a good host you offer a guest something to drink, or at times something to eat, smoke, etc.

i am most familiar with him regarding pyromancy and fire scrying, as well as other forms of divination. Though I was taught mostly by Amon, Furcas is also an excellent teacher. you could very well try to offer cigarettes considering his association with fire.

you also dont have to offer every single time. if you don’t smoke yourself, then i would suggest a pack of cigarettes you can simply keep for him, and on special occasions light one. you dont have to smoke it, you can stamp it out when you’ve finished, and you can relight the old one, that way it lasts a long time, but also be aware of secondhand smoke if you’re concerned about that. simply offering the pack without lighting any is totally fine.


I will try but it may not resonate. Most of the time it includes some kind of removal (symbolic sacirifce, like cutting contact with people) or constant devotion since, I tend to see these kind of operations them teaching or assisting rather than ‘spirit, do x’. Because I wanna grow my skills as well.

Being greatful enough could work. Since its emotion. Unless there is some invocation going on, I don’t see a reason of offering Idk, chocolate or wine. The effort of getting those is what counts, which is abstract.


Yes I completely agree with that. The actions taken to bring those things together are the effort which is really at the core of the offering process, this is the part that seems to matter most to a spirit.