Questions that i did to Satan

Before we start one thing to have on mind this is acording to my experience
im not preaching what i got from him, i havent read any book related to him because i dont care,
in fact i havent read any magical or grimoire book in my life im reading The Kybalion only… however
long ago i was christian because i was born on catholic family and i turned to christianity when i had the time
i dont know much about christianity but i played the christian for 1 or 2 years
and then i moved to a lot of philosophies
a little backstory one of my greatest fears was satan, why? catholic church…

When i declined Lilith for Naamah back in january of this year she got mad with me and somehow she knew that my biggest fear was satan so she went kind enough to send me satan probably to get my self shitted but that did not happen, somehow i was ready to face him…
instead of have fear i managed to ask some questions to satan and i got some answers, he showed me 2 aspects the evil being and the good one i consider “the good one” the worst, also consider that at some point i was speaking with an impostor
i turned to christianity inmediately when i knew he was around LOL because i was atheist atm
expect lies and a lot of contradictions here read it for entertainment not to fulfill your head with info
sorry im warning you…

i started to hear other voices in my head that werent belong to nahema 3 days later when i got partially possessed by her
there was a voice i dont know what he was saying but
i asked him:

Who are you?
-Your greatest nightmare
*somehow i knew was satan

*some stupid questions and answers happened but i cant remember *

Why are you so angry?
-why are you so affectionate?

Satan-Lilith started to cry immensely like a little child when you left her behind, she wanted you almost as a son, she said that you got the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, she said that only looking to your eyes she was very happy, now she doesnt want to know more about you forever

Satan- When nahema told me that a human wanted to be with her forever(me lol), i could not believe it
i questioned my self who is dumb enough to want to stay with this bitch, she is an energy that disguises as a whore that loves to suck dick “she does it for love”, im not exaggerating she can suck 50000 dicks at the same time…

*some stupid questions and answers happened but i cant remember *

Satan-Do you want to make a pact?
“i went so dumb because i started to have a lot of fear lmao”, i told him yes, i want to nahema suck my balls whenever i want for the rest of my life and as exchange nothing*.
(*trust me i was so fucking afraid that i said pure bullshit)
Satan-hahahahaha hey nahema listen he wants you to suck his balls for the rest of his life for nothing as exchange.

Satan- i am the king and ruler of this world and you will never know why im so poisoned (he possibly try to say that a god betrayed him “possibly”)
you are not! you are simple demon trying to send me to hell, fuck off
-Do you know that many gods consider me sacred?

i am your god and your hair is a demonstration that your are simple beast that cant use reason and you disgust me, when your god speak to you ill be here waiting…
i searched for your god(the christian one) over the universe to ask him some questions and i never found him he likes to play hide and seek it seems…

you imagined a hell on your mind now that is the place you gonna go some day
deliver your self to the passion (i believe he meant sex food money on excess) and you will be darkness and you will not burn those who decline passion burns on the sky as stars, because the earth is for the sons of god

If you are the king of this world why you have to lie to me(he lied to me but i cant remember exactly what)
-to demonstrate you that the lie is the most powerful weapon on this planet

i am the creator of all the species on the earth and me and nahema we are burning on the edge of the universe because #&$%#&#(i could not listen) but you. you builded your eyes to hear and you got your ears to see and not listen, and you talk like if you had a cock between your eyes you know nothing "#$#%#$#$%# (he told me a lot of stuff that i could not listen) i dont know why you have not been punished yet, this is unfair!*
me: wtf, (he and naamah were saying the same stuff “the eyes to listen and the ears to see” i dont know what the fuck this means but anyway)
satan informs you: you are not submissive
satan informs you: you are not as good as you think
satan its me not you!

some day later… satan: i did not put work on your wisdom tooth so you may not believe on a god (he possibly wanted to people enjoy the life without believing in a punisher god)
me: cool…

i have been always with you but you never noticed i remember that one day when you were lonely and sad
i gave you a miracle to dismiss your sadness.

me: If my god is not real(the christian god) destroy me right now! i dont want to be your servant! vile demon
-you have other halfs that disagree with you but anyway When you die you gonna be an angel of light

What is an angel of light?
its a star(sun) that is burning and fighting against the darkness

you are satanic because kissing the cross(the badge or be christian i believe) its to kiss satan’s cock

months later…

me hey lets play a game im the bad guy and you are the good guy lets start asking:
me Hey im satan
Satan: I love jesus!, i love jesus!, i love jesus! i love jesus!,i love jesus! and you are evil and you are on hell (laughs)

satan: you are good at making questions but at magick and energy meditations you suck hahaha…

the next day…

he spoke with me that made me cry to full tears also he told me “nobody else could have take that from you”(“inner and hiding truths acording to him”) he also told me that “even before you ask me something, i already know the answer”…(if you talk telepathically with spiritual beings they have access to your memories and your feelings and all of you but they still ask questions, you got warned)
me: dang it!

“the good one version”

the first met with the good one version he started to massage my dick and testicles, why i dunno but he said
you are my son and i am your father, god is god and he is with me right now and im going to send you with him…

satan do you have faith on me?
me: no
satan i apology with all the gods

if you are a god why you allow evil happen on earth what kind of god allows that
-what kind of god doesnt answer(the christian one)

satan “i have personified all the gods from all the civilizations because you need… what?”
-if somebody can tell me what he meant to say with that ill be thankful i really have no idea-

agrat bat mahlat?
-agrat bat mahlat, sigh, she doesnt worth
eishet zenunim?
-yes eishet zenunim. what you want eishet zenunim or your god?

some other day
after a lot of chats this question came;
why the human being is so pathetic cant run 3 blocks because we got tired
-No no no dont ask that question.
funny satan doesnt want to be questioned
-if you ask me again that question i gave you lilith
LMAO what stupid answer you got… what lilith has to do with me? hell no lilith doesnt belongs to you
-exactly your life doesnt belongs to you belongs to god.

if you are satan and you are powerful try to shake this truck(the truck was static it was a jeep wangler 1989*)
the fucking truck started to shake like and earthquake.
this was my final met with this aspect, i got speechless

this is not all because obviously i cant remember all, have a good day and there is also an imposter that i talked with so watch out! also a tiny question if you read till here do you think i got schizophrenia like my doctor said or im indeed talking with spiritual beings?


Are the messages in the post also intended for the viewer/reader?

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i dunno for everyone well everything there he told me that ¬¬