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Why do magicians call demons demons? I thought that the so called demons are the old prechristian gods and goddesses. Is calling them demons an internalization of the dualism left over from Christianity and/or other Abrahamic religions? I am interested in everyone’s ideas about this.


I think it’s more or less a way of reclaiming the word after the original perversion of daemon to demon by Judeo-Christianity demonized these ancient gods and goddesses (pun intended). Also there’s probably some level of rejecting traditional systems of morality and embracing what’s forbidden in exchange for power and knowledge.


Well it stems from the word deamon which means something along the lines of helpful spirit. It was bastersized by abrahamic


What happens to us after we die? Where do we go?


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You think you’re going to die?

Everyone’s going to die one day


I just wanted to know what the ccommunity thought of what happens in the afterlife…


Honestly, I think maggots reclaim our bodies for the Earth and our last entry in the Akashic record is written. … Just a fancy way of saying “lights out”.

Heaven or bliss state occurs while you die and it can feel like a long time.

We are just part of the greater life in the cosmos. Our little perspective dies with us.


I wonder about that, I notice most people who accept a near demise actually age quicker.

Is there really a need to die naturally? Like when you maintain an old car really well and it lasts decades hitting millions of miles.

Also, while the bible isn’t a hit here, if we take it in the perspective of history then there are many accounts of individuals living abnormally long for todays standards

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I hope that there is reincarnation, or that I can create my own or step into an alternate universe. I want to keep bonds with family and friends as I know now, into this reincarnation or other universe.


I don’t understand what you mean to say… :smile:

Simply thinking that you have a long life to live isn’t going to make you live for a long time… sure being positive helps… But it’s not gonna stop Death…

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Aging gracefully is also a factor.

Now to answer your question. I’m not really sure. I have some ideas though. I believe that all souls will eventually return to the source that would include Satan too. In other words I believe that all are saved regardless of their beliefs and/or their character. Now that might not seem fair both someone who lived “good” life and someone who lived a “bad” life get the same reward. Well I think someone who died in a state of deep hatred of their fellow humans would probably be allowed to stew in there own hatred for awhile and be allowed to make themselves miserable for a while but not permanently. I believe that those who have acted out their hatreds toward others without mending their ways while on earth may need to feel exactly what their victims felt during a life review. Would that take an instant or a long time. I don’t know.

I believe that once we die we still have consciousness and agency. I believe most people hang around to see who comes to their funeral. Most people say funerals/memorial services are for the living and that is true. I also think that funerals/memorial services are for the dead in that it lets them know that hey I actually died and I’m dead because someone might not know they are dead.

After their funeral/memorial service I believe that the person needs to cross over into the light. I believe that the light is unconditional love and acceptance. I also believe that the light is a universal light. So that if after your funeral/memorial service or if you didn’t have a funeral/memorial service and the “light” that’s for you closes I don’t believe that your stuck. Just go over to the nearest funeral home wait for the next funeral and jump through that person’s “light” because I believe that the “light” is a universal light not specific to each person.

Why go into the “light” at all and not just hang out around our loved ones or go into the darkness instead?
Well I think if one stays hanging out on the earth plain with their loved ones that you’ll end up draining your loved ones and they will start getting a lot of colds and sicknesses because an earth bound spirit needs energy and can’t generate their own energy so even if they are not trying to do so they’ll end up sucking out energy from their loved ones. Also by not crossing over the souls knowledge is not expanded so your not going to know anymore that when you were alive. One a person has crossed over, I think that they are able to understand all things and if they want to visit their loved ones they can do so in their loved ones dreams.

Now why not go in to the darkness? I think that you won’t find demons in the darkness just other human souls who were afraid to go into the light. Maybe they thought they would be damned or unworthy or something.So you have a bunch of deceased human souls that need constant energy for their consciousness to survive so these human souls form gangs and hierarchies in order to collect energy to survive, kind of like dog eat dog. No one wants to be another’s human soul’s slave.Crossing over into the light gives the dead person’s consciousness freedom.

Now what about reincarnation? I think that’s an individual matter. You can if you want. I don’t personally think karma follows you after you’ve gone into the light because I think most consequences of are actions manifest right here in this life. Those that don’t you deal with in your life review. So that’s my ideas. I could be wrong about it.


Demon = daimon, which is/was a term for all sorts of things, including what we now call “angels”. So, demon = interdimensional being.


Thank you!

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