(questions) Second working GOM Wealth Magick

So I’m 24 days into the second working and its been pretty rough on me mentally and apparently physically. Drained and can barely do the ritual somedays. Its a 33 day working for those that don’t know.

I have 2 main questions.

#1 Has anyone that went through the entire book gotten great results before they finished all the workings? I’m going to push through the whole thing and I know for a fact that these angels are with me when I do the rituals. I understand patience and compounding daily work is crucial to success. I am fine with the fact that if I can get 1000x results 6 months from now versus 10x results 1 month from know I’ll happily wait. I also know these workings are to open up long term wealth creation and thats the reason why I started a business late last year because I was sick and tired of working and answering to others. I had no control over my destiny and was chained to my day job. Absolutley hated it. I know different people get different results but I am curious to know how long it took for things to start falling into place for you?

#2 Did you do any other rituals while doing GOM wealth magick? or do you recommend doing additional workings?

I myself started reading financial sorcery and it seems like it works well for many people. I used some of the seals and got some side freelance gigs for some extra cash while I try to survive and get the business rolling but its been tough. I’m not sure if they actually helped or not. Not having a weekly job paycheck has definitely been a change for me. Honestly one I never want to return to but a tense one nonetheless.

In the past one time I got exactly what I wanted and fast I called on about 8 different entities for assistance. I actually got more than what I asked for. It wasn’t money but something else.

Obviously I am going to do whatever I feel is right but I still wanted to see what the people here have to say. Part of me wants to only do the GOM workings so I can use it as a test variable to see how well it alone actually works but another part of me wants to say fuck it and throw more shit into the mix so I can get more results quicker.

Well theres my questions. I’ve been busy and haven’t been on here for a bit. All responses are appreciated.

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I have kind of the same questions, waiting for an expert response!


I have done the WM process once and I’m almost done with the second time.

In my experience, the second working destroyed certain things in my life and gave me a clear direction towards wealth.

The disturbing feelings you feel are normal, as the angels might be getting rid of negative though patters in your mind. You will become stronger.

First question: Don’t worry about seeing results if you don’t see them immediately. We all have different paths. While for some people it may take a week to get results, other people (and such was my case) it took around 2-3 months to see slight improvements.
The Magick will adapt to your life circumstances and your True Will

Second: I did do other small rituals from the book of Magickal Ritual and rituals to improve my mood and willpower during the workings, but for the most part I left the work to the angels.
The ritual I did where very specific and not as broad as how the Wealth Magick process is.

Trust your gut.


I think the absolute most important thing is to trust your intuition. My experience with Wealth Magick has been somewhat chaotic, but I cannot deny the immense transformation that I have undergone, especially after performing the second working.

Unless your intuition says otherwise, I would continue to push through. While the focus of each ritual seems to be about your career and finances (which on one level it is), I would say the true purpose of the entire operation is to unveil your True Will, and then to bring you the circumstances that you need to carry out your will in the world while living an extremely prosperous life.

Because of this, you may very well be guided to other magick, as I was. In reflection, it is clear that other spirits were what I needed to progress in my internal journey towards a wealthy and abundance-based mindset. I know that the book says to follow the instructions exactly as written for best results, and in general I would encourage people to follow these instructions, but your intuition should always take priority.

Having said that, dumping more and more magick onto the situation tends not to be beneficial. At a certain point all the powers become muddled together and confused, so rather than clear movement you get jumbled stagnation. A magickal case of too many cooks, if you will.

One thing that you certainly can add to your practice, though, is divination, specifically a form of divination with physical tools like the Tarot or I Ching. I personally read tarot, and for me it is an incredibly useful complement to ritual magick. The tarot helps me chart the course, while magick moves the winds in the direction I need them to go.

As for when I saw results, they started to manifest immediately for me. The important thing to understand with this extremely long-term oriented magick, however, is that you are more manifesting a lifestyle than you are a specific sum of cash. This means that the results, especially in the beginning, can be quite subtle at first, while some are more obvious and dramatic. It sounds like you have already experienced many results in this regard, what with you quitting the day job and starting your own business (major props to you, by the way). It has been similar for me, in that I dropped much of what I was doing with my life before and completely re-focussed my time and attention onto other things, mostly business and finance.

I suppose I should conclude with a direct answer. If I were in your shoes, I would assume that it is best to continue with Wealth Magick, while maybe adding something complementary like tarot. If your intuition continues to bug you about it, then I would follow it and see where it takes you. Mine took me to a more robust system of demon magick, which I now practice. Also, if you have any other concerns, be they magickal or business-oriented, feel free to PM me and we can chat some more (or reply here, also ok).


Thank you I appreciate the comment. I will go with my gut for sure

Hey shinri thanks.

I Really appreciate the comment and you offering to talk. I just might take you up on that soon. It seems like when I get close to something working it just falls through but I understand this is a process and I’m only on the second working.

I’ve been putting alot of time in to the business and it’s been a struggle but I know that working for someone else my entire life is more of a risk than working for myself.

Its just been a bit weird lately which I guess is normal for this. Im going to consider getting a tarot deck, that seems like a good idea. I’ve heard its hard to read yourself though is that the case for you? A little divination in my life would be a good thing.

I think im going to only do these workings for wealth to what results I can yield. If you have and workings on mindset and mood that you wouldn’t mind sharing I’d love to l hear about them and give them a try. Or if anyone else reading this does.

Thanks again :+1:

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I finished the whole WM working last November, when I was on the second working I got a job with a stable income I wasn’t even looking for it but the agency I was working with offered it to me out of nowhere ! That’s the only change I’ve seen so far however I’ve heard it takes up to a year to show results


This is something that happened to me quite a bit as well. I would have an idea for a direction to take with my life, and right as I approached the brink of manifestation, something would fall through or change and I would end up going in an entirely different direction.

I believe that what’s going on here is the unveiling process. As you continue on your quest for the truth of your self, you will find that there are many layers of obfuscation, confusion, and manipulation imposed by both the self and your surroundings. These layers must be investigated and considered before their ultimate emptiness can become known to you. From here they are set aside, and the next layer discovered.

It may be difficult for you to see now, but return to these moments after some time has passed, and you will likely find that you have gained a degree of clarity. For me, there are many potential paths that I nearly walked, only to be prevented from doing so after spending time learning and in preparation. I can see now how these paths would have lead to my own dissatisfaction, how their rewards would not have overshadowed the deep knowing that I would live in self-deception and misery.

But even so, each of these paths has revealed something to me about my own self, and each has gifted me with knowledge and changed circumstances that benefit me today. Trust in the process. Before I move on, I will say what experience has taught me over and over again - the only way out is through.

Now, for the mindset, this is something that I believe will come about naturally as a result of persisting with magick. As you work with magick to manifest all that you need and want in your life, a sense of never-ending abundance will gradually arise all on its own. This is not mere equanimity, nor is it self-manipulation. You will reside in a state of peace because all that you need is brought before you without effort.

That being said, there is something that you can do now to help you cultivate a good mindset. Learn to listen. You have called forth the Angels of Omnipotence to carry you through life in a state of limitless wealth. They will carry out this request if you allow them to do so. Even now they are guiding you, planting seeds in your mind that will blossom into wealth. Listen to your intuition, and it will guide you home.

On to the tarot, then. It definitely is something that takes practice to learn and use well, but it has more than repaid this investment on my part. My deck really doesn’t pull any punches, which was a bit harsh to work with at first, but now I really appreciate its honesty and straight-forwardness. It’s comforting to have such a clear mirror into my life, as it helps me face challenges intelligently and with confidence.

To end on a more uplifting note, once you complete the second working you will be summoning Calvarnia, a demon of wealth and pleasure. The demon (I want to say she) will teach you to enjoy all the pleasures that abundance can bring to you. After the intensity of the second working, and the gold-lust of the first, this should be a welcome change. Remember to enjoy yourself, knowledgeseeker :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the advice I will keep everything you said in mind. When you said “the only way out is through” that hit me and makes a lot of sense.

I will keep pushing through and await the change that is to come.

I appreciate everything you have said. Thanks again and yes I will try to enjoy myself too :blush:

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I just wanted to post quickly and mention I finished the second working yesterday.
The really awesome thing is today I feel AMAZING!
In such a great mood, I got up early and have been getting shit done.
It’s like a weight has been lifted
I’m dealing with some other things that should have me feeling not so great physically but I’m doing well today.
Anyone who reads this and is struggling through the second working just push on. It will end eventually.
For me, it was a roller coaster of emotion and feeling physically shitty.
I found, watching motivational speakers on youtube helped. Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins to name a few. The older speakers seem to resonate with me more and give better instruction than many of the modern ones. At least in my opinion. There’s a lot of fluff and just do it, speakers, nowadays.
I feel so positive right now it’s unreal.
I’ll make a new thread at some point to post results and how things are going,
Anyways Good luck to all of you

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Just finished mine today. It felt sooo long like it would go on forever.

Talking about second round of wealth magick has anyone skipped to a specific working they felt drawn to do over ?