Questions re. time manipulation

I am looking to create a time loop after someone pointed it out about doing it. I was hoping to be pointed to a course on this website or some alt reading relating to manipulation of time.

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Sorry, but that is highly improbable. There is no known course or technique for such a thing.

Time doesn’t really exist but instead is a perception of our consciousness which makes physical living easier. You cannot really “manipulate time,” only someone’s perception of it. That is what most “time” entities do; they slow or speed up your perception of time.

Suggested reading: Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood and the anthology Magick On the Edge, edited by the same author.

It you want to learn about how time really works, you can’t go wrong with working with Ahk’laht’esh from The Book of Azazel:

“Ahk’laht’esh is the Master of Time. He can make time seemingly come to a halt momentarily, as well as slow down for short periods, or accelerate for short periods, allowing your perception of time to pass more quickly or more slowly, depending on your needs. When he does so, he will always remind you that what is taken must be paid back. If you have asked that a period of time be slowed down, the following period of time will accelerate, with the opposite holding true as well.”

“Ahk’laht’esh can teach you rituals that will effect the past, and can open gateways into the future through which you can travel to view decades or even centuries beyond.”