Questions! Please Tell Me Your Thoughts!

Hello everyone and thank you so much for the welcome. I have some questions and Im hoping that some of you may be able to help me. The questions may range from general to specific depending on what I am asking. I also apologize if I am placing this in the wrong thread, or if my questions become annoying.

This is a two part question. I have heard read a few books about magic and my level (in my opinion) is beginner. I haven’t done many spells but the ones i have done have given me results. A woman (I wont mention her name, but she isn’t here anyway) told me that I shouldn’t do that because it tells the universe/deities that i am “lustful for power” and ill get bad karma from this…is this true?

When it comes to practicing spells just to enhance our abilities, how are we lusting for power? I am simply trying to enhance so that i can become better. Not to take over the world. She claims to be a high ranking Christian-Wiccan. I have only learned this term from her. Can any one answer this and are there such things as Christian-Wiccans?

My third question is should i create a book of shadows if i have practiced magic yet? i want to make my own book to keep information that I wont forget but the same woman advised me not to do so because I haven’t done much yet. I want to create my own traditions. What should I do and how did you guys make your own?


Does a person not lust for power when they abuse their roles like teacher and boss? Just do what you want and keep notes.

Wiccans much like Christians tend to be afraid of everything because of their background.

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Yes always. I have jumped on and off the path since I was a child. I have spells I collected as a kid. Then walked away from Magick and tried to turn off my sense for years. Some of those first spells are coming handy now. I keep everything I think is important in mine. When I actually wrote in it :joy:


I figured this but I didnt want to seem judgmental, and when I began asking her about how pagan roots have some help in Christian holidays and everything she became upset. I wasnt being mean. I was simply trying to understand her point of view. There are some holidays that are similar to pagan ones so how is it that they differ when it comes to magical workings?

She just isn’t secure in her faith yet

Thats what I did too. I stopped once the dreams began because they scared me. The book i have isnt big. I havent written one because of perfectionist tendencies. I wanted to know if I take information from one book to another is that like stealing? There are some spells and information that I want to keep as is…if that makes sense, and drawing certain symbols is hard for me (I cant draw to save my life lol). I was thinking of writing certain pieces of information like spells and etc, but for symbols, I was thinking to use the internet and print them out, Will it make my book less powerful?

But from what I read magic takes belief, so how can she practice without it? Im starting to believe some people say they do magic just for trend, not because they believe, I dont want to believe that.

I wont lie, anyone who says they are a Christian Wiccan is doing it on trend. You can only be one or the other in Christianity hence the insecurity in faith.

So yea some people only for trend. She may be more into the astrological aspect and ideas behind nature.

I always keep a ‘book of shadows’ or several. Anything you feel would be useful at any point in the future, I would write down in there.

Sometimes, as well as rituals, I even write things as simple as beautiful poems that have resonated with me.

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This is JMO, but since I am neither a practicing Buddhist or Hindu, so I don’t subscribe to the construct of “karma.” I guess I always get confused when people from other faiths cherry-pick from another to suit their agenda.

I think your friend is trying to stifle your exploration. She might feel threatened by you, especially if she is making absolutely sure you know she is a Christian-Wiccan High Priestess.

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Two things are traditionally taught to beginners in magick, how to banish, and how to keep a magical journal, so yes, definitely keep a BOS. It will help your development in so many ways.

There is no such thing as a Christian Wiccan. They are both distinct religions, so that’s like someone claiming to be a Christian Muslim, or a Jewish Buddhist.


If you are doing it as kites and not selling the information or sharing it as your own it isn’t stealing. Mine is full of spells that are not my own. But I am also keeping for personal use.

I would write down the dreams too. There could me meanings to them. Get a dream dictionary what you dream isn’t wasn’t the true meaning.

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See and thats what confuses me. Are we able to create our own traditions because I like herbal magic, or working herbs into magic that i want to practice…(am i making sense?) and i want to create my own traditions, but within the things i know and learn. Im not sure if this is something she is finding information about or if she is making her own traditions. I have never heard of Christian-Wiccans until she mentioned it and looking on the internet there are many forms of Christian from what people are saying. I just didnt think that they were one in the same especially due to history.

I wish i knew but Im just as confused as ever due to her reluctance to hear my perspective. I believe that she may be trending lol. Ill do well to stay away from her maybe.

Meh, accept her flaws or not. Just don’t be limited by someone else’s ideals.


As logical as this may be…its still a bit confusing for me. She has done study for longer periods of time, and constantly it seems. She recommended a book that was really interesting for me, and i still read it when looking for information. I would assume that she would be happy that someone is seeking to learn. The knowledge is for everyone. I wouldnt stop someone, thats just petty. Now Im doubting her powers.

I have done dream study for like a week and that stuff scared me! I have had some dreams similar to what i have searched…like being bitten by a snake or seeing things/deja vu, but I havent written anything down, but ill start doing that immediately. I was thinking of creating sections for a bigger book when i fill up the small one i have. Like sections for spells, symbols, gods and goddesses. I havent chosen a specific deity yet to worship because im still reading about some from all places. I honestly dont want to choose without properly being informed.

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Wow see…I didnt know that selling information was against things. i thought people did it because of time, and ingredients, etc. I learned something. I wouldnt sell information though because mostly everything I find is free and it doesnt feel right selling knowledge that anyone can find if searching.

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Some people seem to think that all magic workers are “Wiccans” (there’s one new member on this very forum that talks about being a sea Wiccan, whatever that is, and calls members here LHP Wiccans) so my guess is she practices some form of Christian mysticism that leans towards worship of nature as an expression of God.

Yes, you can create your own magical traditions. However, generally, it is not done until one has actually practiced a recognised tradition and gained experience in working magical techniques. We are lucky, though, as we live in an age where information on various traditions is available at our fingertips, and we no longer have to risk life and limb to seek out a teacher to learn from.

On an unrelated note, you should keep a dream diary separate from your magical journal, as the dream diary will become voluminous. You can transfer any magically significant dreams to the journal, but otherwise they should be two separate books.


This right here is the most important thing you may say for a while. I study what pulls me to it. And it is r always one path. So this is very very wise.

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