Questions on Sex Magick

  1. Do I necessarily need a partner? If not, then what books teach practice without one?
  2. Can I use sex magick to attract a partner?
  3. Both Sex and Sorcery and Sex Sorcery and Spirit tell that spiritual practices that taught libertine methods were taught to a select few (namely royalty) as opposed to ascetic methods which were taught to the masses. They claim that the “general folk” were not mature enough to use it wisely. Is this true and does this apply today?
  4. There’s a seen in a nostalgia critic video where he flash backs to when he’s 14 and his penis starts talking to him and forces him at gun point to watch Sailor Moon. I often feel like my head’s held hostage by my penis. Currently, my sexuality makes me feel weak and helpless. I feel like I have to put it away for a time to grow stronger. Is there a way to do that and still practice sex magick?
  5. In Sex Magic for Beginners, it says that the point of sex magic is not to attract a partner but it will make you more attractive. Is this true?
  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. What do you think? This site and sites like it and I count SA, PowerLaw and whatever else only have a fraction of what can be done.
  4. Why are you watching rubbish that doesn’t nourish you psychologically - same thing with websites?
  5. That sounds as if it is contradicting itself.

You can use sex magick for all sorts of work - I’d suggest that you look up Damon Brand or Skye Alexander.

There are many ways of achieving the same end result - look up @C.Kendall and @happyinside both their methods work as does @serpens_album dream spell.

I’m slowly leaving all fora because they are losing their focus and becoming too much like chat servers and hang outs - distracting you from real magick and your goals.

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