Questions on invoking angels

What they call “White Magick” has been appealing to me since I first gotten into “occultism”. As I have read, certain angels do certain things. I’d like to make certain angels to be friends of mine, but also have a working relationship, and be reliable like we would hope any friend would be in a time of need. I feel i have lingering negative energy, and I am not sure where it came from, but I have been having bad luck. My finances aren’t very good, at all, and not from bad spending habits either.
I would like advice on how and where to find some angelic friends for help, and what offerings do they like ? I dont have much, but i do have have a pack of incense, and a black candle. Typically i hear white candles are better, but i also understand our workings are based on intent, so im hoping that will do. How well do they communicate ? Could i be at work away from home and they speak to me if i ask ?

I would like a friend for protection, finances, understanding of self, and maybe even somebody to help put my ideas into fruition regarding music if possible. What are good ways of invoking them, or just plane asking ? What words help ?

I appreciate any and all help. Thank you

Check Damon Brand’s books. They’re full of Angelic work, for any purpose. As far as I remember, you don’t need offerings but you can always give what feels right for you to give.


Thanks! I read a couple, one on protections/spell reversals, and one on sex magick that i was curious about. Any titles in particular ?

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You’re most welcome.

Yes his best book for working with Angels in my opinion is “Archangels of Magick”.


Thanks ! Gonna see if i can get a pdf download and enjoy my weekend. I appreciate it brutha !

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You’re most welcome. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Rather than do the PDF download (which I believe has incorrect sigils), why don’t you spend the money to buy it? Believe me, it’s definitely worth the investment especially as what you’re looking for seems to be what the book is offering (path towards developing a working relationship with angels).

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You know what? You’re right, plus as an artist i should definitely support somebody giving information, and help, as well as displaying talents that i would like to learn. Let me see where i can find it.
Thanks again !

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25 bucks for a physical definitely aint bad !

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