Questions on invocations of Prometheus (Lucifer)

Now something I’m not entirely familiar with, although just a deep drive in myself and connection to the entity. Now i know, that there is a connection with Lucifer and Prometheus, but I guess I’m specifically wanting to invoke that power creator aspect of him. The one that created man, gave him fire, and suffered for kindness. Has anybody else been able to contact Prometheus as an entity in the astral realm, not just Lucifer saying he is/was/am ? Also would the chant be the same, but rather in a greek tongue? Or should I just go and seek Lucifer and work with him?

the only reason for Prometheus is i resonate more with him individually on alot of personal feelings, not to say that i don’t with the light bearer just in different ways.

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Neither Lucifer nor Prometheus are creator gods.

Prometheus was a Titan, one of the few not imprisoned by Zeus after their defeat. In Greek mythology, Zeus created Mankind. All Prometheus did was feel sorry for us, and steal fire from the heavens, to bring us light, and heat (seen as a metaphor for knowledge).

In the mythology of Lucifer, he got too uppity for his britches, and refused to bow before Man when God asked him to, and thus he lost his place in Heaven.

It is only in relatively modern times that Lucifer has been seen as a Promethean figure, trying to bring knowledge to man, due to a misinterpretation of his name as the Light Bringer. There is no actual connection between the two, except that which people try to force.

Yes, you can evoke Prometheus, just like you can evoke any Titan or god.


Okay, I have not read that version where Zeus had created man. The one I’m familiar with is where after the titanomachy Prometheus sculpted man out of clay and Athena breathed life into them.

**edit also i had to double check, just to make sure. Theres a few variations out there, none of which we’ll say are the exact telling. The ones ive worked into have prometheus making humans out of dirt, then Zeus made the 2nd generation of humans (including Pandora and post flood)


I Googled and stand corrected. :slight_smile:

The work most responsible for the myth of Prometheus is the Hesiod, in which Prometheus is seen as more of a trickster (he tricked Zeus out of proper animal sacrifice, and so Zeus withdrew the secret of fire from Man in retaliation) than a creator.

In a lost work known as the Titanomachy, Prometheus didn’t create man, but was the bringer of civilisation and taught writing, mathematics, agriculture and science. In Hesiod’s Works and Days, said to have been taken from the Titanmachy, Promethius also saved humanity, because, according to this most ancient version of the myth, Zeus had created and destroyed 5 different races of Man until the Titan somehow prevented him from wiping us out.

I know I’ve seen a Prometheus evocation ritual somewhere on the web, but I can’t seem to remember where.


Titans are merely 2nd generation Gods, so he can in a way be a creator God, however, because myth does not represent him as one it’s not like he cannot create like any other God can. So while there is no mention of his creator aspect in myth you can very well experience such if you experience with him.

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But weren’t titans 1st gen, after the death of chaos which made the universe (again much debate over which myth since much has been mixed and lost due to time). Or do you mean 2nd gen after Gaia and Ouranos who were the first two and then their 12 children (Cronos, Rhea, Oceanus, etc)? Honestly the family system of Helenistic gods gets very interesting and complicated, just a side thought.

There’s so much more research here to be done (@DarkestKnight helped shoot that bullet :slight_smile:) I’ve been reading some more while i can at work, and yeah Prometheus is similar in the term light bringer and bearer as Lucifer has been called.

And as for the creator aspect, yeah I think you’re right @anon48079295 if thats how i see the being in question, then that is how i relate to his power of being :blush:


No first gen were the primordial Gods such as Khaos, Nyx, Gaia, Eros, and so forth at least for the Greeks, or for the sumerians Tiamat, Apsu, Lahamu, Lahmu, etc. Egyptians, Ra, Ma’at, Nun, Kauket, etc the primordial Gods are the first generation, the Titans for greek are the 2nd but shu, tefnut, etc are for the egyptians, and Anu, Ki, for the sumerians, but seeing as deities tend to wed and sleep with their siblings and such the family line blurs but the generations tend to be there still.

1st Gen being the original primordial embodiments of creation (imo) darkness, light, fire, earth, void, and so forth

2nd Gen being the greek titans, or more closer to earth minor primordial gods like shu and tefnut, etc

3rd Gen the Ennad, the Olympians, the Annunaki, etc.


Yes, but not quite. To be a part of a generation, means you were born. Primordial Gods were not born but rather they were always be. That’s why they are called “primordials” because they existed from the beginning of time. What Primordials are, for Greeks at least, is a universal force such as Chaos, Time and Aether. Whatever gets born from something else, is not a Primordial but Protogenos aka Firstborn. But Firstborns are not in any shape or form a Titan.
Now, depends on which source you follow you’ll see that some of the Firstborns are considered Primordials and some that are considered Primordials in other sources are considered Firstborns.
A good example of that, is Gaia.
And here I need to clarify something, Gaia was originally not really a Goddess, but the actual Earth. Gaia means Earth. Same as Chaos is just chaos and Time is just Time and only later they were personified. Some sources say Gaia always was, has no parents (Primordial) but some others say she was born from Chaos (Firstborn).


Primordial gods were self created beings, they went on to create the titans, and the titans on to create the 3rd gen. Primordials are conscious forms of energy that make up existence. As for what source I follow, technically neither because Eros is considered a child of Aphrodite in a lot of cases when he predates her and is a “sibling” of Nyx, and Gaia in Protogenoi. Generations is used to better understand the family of Gods. I prefer to experience then research not research then experience because that method tends to fail a lot of occultists who follow what they read and warps their experiences to follow such.

Gaia, Nyx, Erebus, etc “parent” in all intent and purposes is Khaos, they don’t see family as we do. However, in simple understanding just as Tiamat who is the primordial chaos of Mesopotamia, she is the mother of the primordial gods of that pantheon, Nun of the Egyptians, and so forth. I’m sure she was originally a Goddess, mainly because every faith has a being that was “the earth” what myth tells you sure she was not originally a Goddess, but I tend to follow my experiences of what myth says. So when it comes to the original poster, yes the 2nd gen Titan Prometheus is most likely a creator God because I’m pretty sure any God can create just because myth tells you some few snippets of things doesn’t mean you should follow mythology or any other text prior to experiencing at least if you want an unbiased experience.

Many will say the human mind cannot comprehend things like the Gods and so forth, personally I don’t subscribe to that self limiting ideology many occultist feel they should make as an excuse for why they follow mythology and other texts first before experiencing.


The language doesn’t matter. Do whichever is more convenient.


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Prometheus seems alright :sunglasses: