Questions on effectiveness of spells and such

I am new here and been reading over the forums and I am interested in results that people have actually obtained and if any consequences or side effects have occurred? I have no doubt that spells and such work but I want to know about people here that have done some things and interested in their results. I have been reading on forums and haven’t come across anyone reporting any results. Maybe I haven’t been reading in the right places…

So if you have done any money spells, love spells, etc… please tell the results and the specifics. Not of how you done the spells but just what happened afterwards and negative effects etc…

Just curious. thanks.

Obviously, you haven’t used the Search function. There are a LOT of threads detailing results from spells, and rituals, and I do mean a lot. There are results from love magick, money magick, candle magick, mojo hands, etc. Just take some time and LOOK.

Hey buddy, there’s a whole section on money spells that worked. Check that thread in the corresponding section.

I’m not much of a “love spells” guy, but you’ll probably want to take a gander in that general direction. Results differ case to case. You might get the person you want, while someone else might accidentally summon Orobas who happens to be taking a bath at the time. Two words:


Especially in magic. A lot of it happens, and generally all over the place.

If you’ve got the head for it, Omnimancy is a lot magical technology that can be applied with startling speed towards a goal. That’s what I’m working on, though I recommend trying to become a student- I’m not, and decades behind them it seems.

But if you check out MY thread, you’ll see I’ve gotten some intriguing results with it that’ll be updated with the more spells I have running.

Oh, and read some New Magician Help threads, especially those by redcircle.