Questions of my experience

Today I tried to soul travel today. I have never tried it before. It was a very strange experience. When I got to some state near theta. I saw very bright light flashes I thought that it was a thunder when I asked my brother told me there were none. And it more strange my eyes we’re closed but as I just bended my neck in short dim light flash I saw my my hand that were on my lap and I maintained the state and happened two times and after that I got curious and as the picture came to eye I opened my eyes my hands were in the same layout as I saw in the flash. If I would continued would I be successful in soul travel? Are this picture flashes are they normal?

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Am I near to soul travel?

@DarkestKnight can you answer my thread

I don’t think you were near to soul travel. You were simply viewing your hands through astral vision, like Robert Bruce describes in his energy work primer. It’s a good first step though so keep practicing.

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How much time did you take in learning soul travel?
Actually I know it varies from person to person but actually how much time it really takes with full desire.

Can we see any place on earth with astral vision?

No one can tell you that. It is completely dependent on your own personal energetic development. Some people pick it up right away, while other people struggle for years even with a deep desire.

Theoretically, yes. That is basically what remote viewing is.

But still in that state some thoughts came to me can u suggest me how to minimise thoughts


In his soul travel course, EA has the student practice thought stopping, and focus exercises.

Thank u bro for ur assistance. Actually this is a great forum and it is helping me alot in my magical journey.

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Did you take E. A. 's soul travel course ? should I also take it. Is it worth it’s money.

I have the course, yes, and am currently taking my time to work through it. In my opinion, it is worth the money. Combined with some of the energy techniques of Robert Bruce, I don’t think you would need need anything else to get to tooling around the planes.

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Should I take soul travel mastery or astral projection mastery

It’s up to you. The Mastering Soul Travel course provides you with specific guideposts, like the temple of EA’s Ascended Master, Sunham (I think that’s his name), where you can learn. Robert Bruce’s course is more open, as far as I understand it. He doesn’t provide you with specific gates, or places to visit like EA does.

The purposes of the two courses are quite different.

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Ok I opt to take soul travel mastery then( it’s suhnam)

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Are you spending more time on this forum due to lockdown or is it usual

i spend a fair amount of time here when I’m not either practicing, or working. I like helping people, and learning new stuff.

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It’s kind of a start but it’s not “soul travel”. In one method you move your limbs without actually moving them which causes you to move your energy body limbs and over time you make your way out of your body.

You however would end up on the energetic physical if you still see your physical body. But this seems more just working your clairs.

Your doing great work, is dilation of pupil colour normal after meditation

Dilation of the pupil can happen when in an altered state, yes.