Questions of Baphomet

Hi all! :black_heart:
I would like to know what are the attributes and correspondences of Baphomet, what offerings to make to him. I have been working with him relatively recently, and I give him the basics.
I work hard to give him dual offerings.

I also wanted to tell you something about him that he told me recently. Conversing with Baphomet he told me that he was just a mask of a god with many faces. And that he was the father of traditional witchcraft, the horned god, the ancient, the devil.

Therefore I don’t know whether to ask for help with the attributes and correspondences of Baphomet or the witch father :rofl: Well, I hope you can help me, and well if you want to give me your opinion on this topic, it is more than welcome.

Thank u so much :black_heart:


Well Satan told me he is Baphomet but he also is not him. So maybe try to see with Satan. Btw Satan likes coffee, tea and beer


He never gave me any sign that he was Satan. That I would not rule it out, if not because we talked that night that he is the witch father, and in dreams he showed me his form as the old one.

Which I have contrasted with experiences of people of traditional witchcraft and they have told me that they have also seen that mask.

Anyway thanks for your answer :black_heart: ( I also work with Lucifer and he loves all that, like Satan hehe
even if he loves more the red wine )


@MorpheusDarkson Oh now I see why He told me He is him but He’s not and let me confuse with that lol
@Raven_Trivia I asked Lucifer if He wanted to work with me, He told me no as I’m already working with Satan and apparently that’s enough lol. Anyway, good luck in your quest :slight_smile:


First, the historical context…

Baphomet, the name, first appeared in the trial records of the Knights Templar in the 14th century. They were accused of worshipping some big, giant head called Baphomet; but those guys had been tortured so much that they’d have confessed to anything. Not that that mattered because the King of France and the Pope were so jealous/afraid of them that they could have (and probably did) put anything they damn well pleased into the record.

Modern scholars believe that, whoever put Baphomet in there, was probably working from ‘Mahomet’, which was how the French spelled ‘Mohammed’. Less academically rigorous scholars think this may be an indication that the Templars embraced some syncretic form of Sufi Islam, perhaps even of the semi-legendary Ismaili sect of the Assassins. But I digress…

The image most of us have of Baphomet, the big goat/man/lizard/bird thing with boobs and a penis, comes from Eliphas Levi in the 19th Century. He labeled his illustration “The Sabatic Goat.” He does mention Baphomet in relation to it but doesn’t indicate that they are the same thing. As you may be able to guess from all the features mentioned, as well as the symbolism of the illustration itself, this is meant as a symbolic entity that represents the transcendence of opposites.

Personally, I see Baphomet as the composite unity that develops from the reintegration of the polarities that split apart from the primordial unity at the beginning of… whatever all this is. It is the picture of what we all seek to become. I have worked with this entity but, to me, it feels more like an egregore of all the things we’ve projected onto it rather than an independent being all its own.

Of course, some might say that that’s exactly what all the gods are; but I’m not wading into that fight.

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King Paimon told me that Baphomet was a powerful egregore created by Knights Templars, who had access to this kind of knowledge.

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Thank you all very much for answering, I really appreciate your experiences and knowledge :black_heart:

I knew the Baphomet / Templars theme, and I have treated it as such until he told me, I am a created mask, one more way of seeing myself. I’m not saying that Baphomet is exactly the witch father, but he told me it was just another mask. I do not know, as if I had taken advantage of that egregor, god, entity to manifest before me.

As for the offerings, attributes and correspondences? What can you tell me about this in Baphomet?

If there is someone from traditional witchcraft around, I would also appreciate the offerings to the witch father, and perhaps that way I will find out much more.

Thank u :black_heart: