Questions I’ve had for a while about manifesting

I’m still pretty new here. So for a while I’ve had pretty much the same questions/question which is that I want to know how to manifest or achieve my goals of getting certain things in my life. I’ve pretty much tried it all(magick, law of attraction, faster eft, neville Goddard, eft(emotional freedom tapping), and much much more that’ll take way to long to type out) I don’t know why, but I haven’t really gotten results with any of the things I have tried. I’m not comfortable with anything to do with demons or angels or other entities or anything like that, but I thought I’d copy and paste my biggest desires and see if anyone here has any idea of something I can do to achieve my goals. Copy and pasted below is what I’ve asked other people in the past

What’s the best way or technique to manifest? There’s a lot of things I want to manifest. I want to change the past physically(I want to make it that I was born with a twin sister) I want to physically change my brain and the way it works(slow down brain waves and stuff like that to make myself think In a different way) change my memories and other people’s memories of me(so like revising but also revising other people’s memories of it as well) manifest specific relationships, manifest a specific type of job

How can I do all this?

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I suggest you start with candle magick… very simple and effective. It will get your mind focused on building the important key skills needed for all magick work, in case you wish to explore more and try advanced techniques. Aim for small targets… use them as practice. Don’t start with your most important goals. Once you master your craft, you can start working on your main goals and more complicated targets for your spells.

There is no known way to physically change the past so that you suddenly have a twin sister. Absolutely none. Most retroactive magick (that’s the term for magick using the time current) is used to change memories and events in your past, not in someone else’s. If you change an event in your life using retroactive magick, then you will automatically change other people’s memories of that event as well, but you cannot change another person in such a way as to suddenly bring them into existence.

Changing your brain waves is done every day. That is what an “altered state” is. It’s simple to do and with training you can learn to do it at will. Any new knowledge or thought physically changes your brain by creating new neural connections.

You cannot revise or edit someone else’s memories. You can influence them, and through retroactive magick you can maybe change the way the memory of an event is encoded, but you cannot simply revise someone else’s memories to suit your fancy. They have their own consciousness that may prevent that.

If you really want to tinker with and change your brain, then I highly recommend the book Inner Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood, which is all about hacking your body.

If you want to learn about how time magick actually works, I recommend the book Space/Time Magick by the same author. Neither book involves spirits.


Yeah when I say I want to change another persons memories i mean like if I change an event that happened in my past then i want other people to only remember the new version and not the old one. Because I feel like it would make things harder if let’s say I got rid of an event that caused me to have ptsd but everyone else just remembers me still having ptsd and that event as if it still happened even though I changed it.

In retroactive magick, if it is successful, then people will only remember the new version. It would be like the old “version” never happened. However, you will remember both versions, though the old one will be less distinct and fuzzier than the new one.

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So how do you do retroactive magick? I was told you do it through astral projection, is that the only way or is there easier less scary ways to do it? Also if I change something, could something bad happen? Like will it effect other things, like maybe my sibling wasn’t born or something really bad like that? I don’t want to affect other people in a bad way that will hurt them, so I want to be careful about that.

No, it doesn’t require astral projection, though that can be helpful. As I said, if you really want to know the mechanics, get the book I mentioned.

And yes, there are always unintended consequences when you use magick in any form, and in retroactive magick especially, because you can never change just one thing. Everything is connected, and changing one tiny thing can move entire worlds in a direction they didn’t originally intend.

You cannot see it all. That is why most magicians recommend doing a divination on the outcome before performing any ritual. It lets you see the probable outcome of your magick, and then you can choose to go on with it as is, or alter the ritual so that you increase the potential for a positive outcome and the negative is either nullified or accepted.

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From my experience with manifesting, it works best when I consciously forget about it. Sort of like a sigil. It works best from the subconscious.

I’m not sure about having a twin… but you can pretty much change your brain. Thats kind of the newest craze in neuroscience I believe. I watch TED talks on it in my free time. Basically the way you think and what you experience changes your brain and in some cases, DNA (but that part is a bit more complicated). Your thoughts dont change as a result of your brain changing, but rather your braid does change as a result of your thoughts, causing new neurons firing, new neurological pathways being formed. Its really crazy stuff. Theres plenty of information out there you can find on it.
As far as manipulating people’s memories, I think in a way this could be achieved through manipulating their dreams. I’ve never done it but have heard a few magicians talking about it on the forum.

You could also work on your telepathy to put thoughts into someone’s head or reverse empathy (that’s what I call it anyway) where you basically make the target feel however you’d like them to feel. That’s my personal specialty. I mainly use it in the daycare where I work when theres a child who is inconsolable. I’ll make them go from sobbing to laughing and playing with toys without saying a word. It takes more work and energy manipulating adults, but if they’re generally a pretty clueless person and out of touch with their own feelings (which I’d say is a good 70% of people) then its pretty easy.

You could also look into creating some sigils. Those always work amazingly well for me also.

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What’s divination?

Things like Tarot, the I-Ching, coin toss, scrying, omens, reading tea leaves, are all forms of divination. It’s the information gathering part of magick.

I’m really confused. I talked to the author you told me about but he pretty much says you can’t actually change the past…this is what he sent me

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I watched the video and he’s just repeating what’s in the book.

I never said you could physically change the past. Everything is mind, including time itself, and what retroactive magick does is work on your mind and perceptions of events.

I think I might have confused you with the “and” in my post that I quoted. That was a typo.

Taylor’s not the only one working in the time current though. He’s just the only one I know of that has written a book about it. There are other magicians with different perspectives and some of them claim to have altered more than just memories but I don’t know if I believe that. There is an anthology called Magick on the Edge that has some other perspectives on time magick if you’re interested.

Ok I’ll show you what part I was confused about. You said that if I change the past then it could affect other things like my sibling having never been born…but if I’m just changing my memory and not the actual past then why would that change things like that? Also you said the people in my life would only remember the new version…so isn’t that just changing there memory then?

I never said anything about your sibling. At all. I said it was impossible to physically effect the past. That was, in fact, the very first thing I said. I did say there would be unintended consequences, but I did not say what those consequences would be. I simply said changing one little thing can move worlds in another direction. All magick has unintended consequences, even magick that is just aimed at your own memory.

Everything is connected, and changing your memory of an event can possibly change the memory of others as well. i’ll try to find my source for what i said about that. I know I read it somewhere :thinking:

Oh so how do you do both? Both yours and the other persons? I’ll send you a pm of what im trying to do specifically so maybe you will know more.

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How do I send a private message to you?

You can’t. You have not been active on the forum long enough. The ability to send private messages is restricted for new members.

You said that if I change the past then it could affect other things like my sibling having never been born…but if I’m just changing my memory and not the actual past then why would that change things like that?

You can’t change the past. Taylor, in the video, made a point of saying that several times. Retroactive magic is a way to work with your memory of an event. That can change YOU and how you feel, but not reality. But “your memory is your imagination”, and you can change how you feel right now about wanting a sibling.

If there was a way to change the present to be in a version of the universe where you have a sibling, you’d have to
a) be into the idea that there we live in a multiverse where every choice spawns a new universe, and
b) find a way to move into a different universe where that event happened not just differently, but to your liking.
I’ve heard of people switching dimensions accidentally, such as the woman who woke up one day, to find she hadn’t split up with her abusive boyfreind, had a different job, and had made several other choices that were different than she knew. I assume she switched places with a version of herself that had a slightly different life. She still had the same company but hadn’t moved from her old flat etc. A lot was different. Here’s a version of her story - I don’t vouch for a word of it, but the concept in intriguing.

I’ve never heard of that being controlled or chosen though. It just highlights how hard this is. You can’t change this version because too many other strong spirits (ie other people, and we are ALL gods in our own right, asleep or not) are holding it the way they know it is, and you are not strong enough by yourself to affect all of them, AND create all the new memories for a brand new person that never existed before, AND persuade that new spirit to come and create all of that and be part of it. They also may have chosen to leave for their own reasons and not be willing to co-create this new reality anyway - did you ask them for thier permission to try, or their opinion at all yet?

There are other stories of people accidentally time travelling or universe hopping - another guy got off a plane with a passport for a country that doesn’t exist - but it’s always accidental and shocking to them, and then often they just disappear and no-one knows where they came from or where they go afterwards. It’s conspiracy theory-level type stuff.

I’m sorry, I really am, I lost my own twin when we were 3 months old and I still miss her - I totally see where you’re coming from - but I think your best best is to work on yourself and your energy in this matter to find your peace with it.

Would changing my memory make the change physical as well? Like what if someone’s in a wheelchair and they make themselves remember they can walk…then that memory and strong belief make them actually walk?

And then can you change other people’s memories to remember you as always walking?