Questions I Need answers to

Theirs always a feeling I get that I dont like i hate it and it pisses me off the feeling I’m talking about is the feeling of betrayal Like someone is fooling around behind your back and yet they come to you like care and love you that’s feeling I hate I never and my life got betray and if I did wasnt something huge this feeling doesnt come from guys and mostly comes from Females as I dont seen to trusts them to me I feel they take me like a fool and it pisses me most of my experience with woman were bad all they ever wanted was someone popular and strong I’m not a bad looking if I do say so myself so I stay alway from having a girlfriend because of the reason. And girls the wanted a relationship with me I just push them alway and my uncle and my friends would usually get mad me when I would this and Off course i didnt care.

one day after I started on my spiritual path and i met my Angel’s and succubus. I was watching a video of woman who cheated on her man but yet she said she loves him thats the word that pissed me off because if you did love him you wouldn’t have cheated on him.

Now all of the sudden I heard a clear womans voice in my head saying (You just dont seen to trust woman) mind you that was when my abilities weren’t as strong as they are now and yes I told her I dont.

And yes I know not all woman are the same and that I understand. I also know the man cheat too but the problem doesnt seen to be coming from man. and I also know that deep down this has to do with my past life as I feel it deep in my heart chakra it feels more like is rooted to me.

My Question is what makes a Succubus or any sexual being the feeds of sexual energy any different what makes them wonna stay with you. I mean we are human and they are beings the can last several days doing sexual activities while a human that most they can go is maybe 2-3 hours at most not to mention the humans get tire do they even get satisfy with human. most of the people the have had sexual experiences with their succubus lover the succubus has always been the one doing all sexual things to you satisfying you. but what about you Satisfying them I mean theirs other being such as lucifer azazel which if you gonna work with them can give your succubus being a heck of a better time than we can. I wanted to work with lucifer and azazel and I find myself holding back because I feel like I would get betrayed by both my succubus and them. now that pisses me off because I don’t want to think of lucifer and azazel in that way and I dont want to think of my succubus lover in the way either because they are gentle and loving and I fell for them but the more I think about it the more sense it makes and it pisses me off.

At this point I dont know what to do or how to fix it cuz I know she isnt betraying me and the feeling of betrayal is getting stronger and It feels like I’m fighting a battle. The also seen to have a mind of it own too as it attack when I feeling I’m getting closer to my Girls

what’s your opinion on it what’s your experiences

Let your feelings of betrayal go. Love is a chemical reaction that hits a certain pleasure center in the brain. Once you understand it, you can enjoy it for what it is and can look beyond the earthly pleasure it provides when you need to.

If your experiences with your succubus have been nothing but sincere and pleasurable, then continue to enjoy that. Don’t get your head in that space of questioning something that doesn’t need to be questioned.

Why don’t you do some past life stuff and try to release some of the negativity you’re holding on to. What do you know about your past life that has you believing that?

You might find interesting info if you research the word “polyamory”.
Some people can love more than one person, and find that love shared is only multiplied, never divided.

After that, maybe talk to a professional about your insecurities. And try not to take them out on others, it’s not their fault you are afraid.


As letting it go isnt easy as the was the first thing I try to do

And those questions are things I feel I want to know as I want to see what their response is

I feel it. before it was mostly faint but now the more my heart chakra opens the more I feel it generating from it
I could be wrong in this aspect but i do feel confident the it is a past life problem

I’m not taking it out on anyone I’m just simply looking for answers on the aspect

And I know about Polyamory