Questions for the spirits

  1. What’s it like in Heaven?
  2. Why doesn’t God talk to us audibly?
    3)What kind of music do the spirits like?
    4)What do the spirits do all day/night in their realm?
    5)Are their emotions like ours?
    6)How many of them are there
    7)Do they read this forum?
    8)What do they want?
    9)Do any of them still love God
    10)Is there any eternal hope for them
    11)Which notable humans in history have been indwelt
    12)What are the metaphysical laws that govern their reality and how do they relate to ours
    13)What are their grand plans for the world/mankind
    14)Which of you are the wisest? Which of you are the least?
    15)Regarding Roger Morneau (the noted 7th Day Adventist), which spirit worship society in Montreal was he involved in and how would one go about contacting them
    16)What is Jehovah like?
    17)With reference to the Urantia book, is there such a thing as morontial reality
    18)What emotions do humans not experience
    19)How far into space/cosmos are you allowed to travel
    20)Do you read this message board?
    21)Do you monitor us every waking moment?
    22)Is your memory eidetic/photographic
    23)Do some of you have material possessions on Earth (eg $, accounts, property, etc…)

I will think of more later. But these are the ones I have for now. Thank you

Let us know when you ask the spirits and find out your answers.

[quote=“Paulden, post:1, topic:4680”]1) What’s it like in Heaven?
2) Why doesn’t God talk to us audibly?

I will have more questions later. But these are the two I want to know most. Thank you.[/quote]

Which heaven,which god, what do you mean? in christian senses i guess.

[quote=“Paulden, post:1, topic:4680”]1) What’s it like in Heaven?
2) Why doesn’t God talk to us audibly?[/quote]

  1. Various afterlife destinations can be accessed by living humans, but it takes training.

  2. Some gods do talk audibly, though again training or at least clairaudient ability is usually required; if you mean only the Xian concept of god and its qualities, you might be better off asking those questions on a forum for Xians, since most answers you’ll get here require you to violate the many Biblical injunctions against communicating with spirits or developing magickal/psychic abilities - here’s a list:

I’d love to hear the answer to #2. I want to hear the voice of something not human without thinking I’m schizophrenic.

I can imagine a molecule in our body (solar system) and some electrons going around the core(planets of the solar system).
In one of the electrons there is a tiny population.Billions of them(humans on the earth).
Then one of them decides to communicate with you and to hear your voice.

What is up is also down.

Sometimes i wonder if the galaxies and all the star systems of our universe are just the molecules of God’s body.