Questions for the Devil

I am aware there’s not a devil and that’s Christian dogma and brainwashing.

Before you all were able to communicate with spirits, what were some questions that you wanted to ask “the Devil”? It could be specifically for a demon or about life.

What was their answer?

god answers n mysterious, yet systematically and exact time and space resonance squence like

like dog bark to just right spot, fly flying in exact way, etc…

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@KRA hat do you mean by this? Like why dogs bark the way they do?

Before working on specific projects with entities?

Absolutely none. I get my own answers. Always have.

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@Mulberry before you could speak/communicate and get answers from them. What questions did you have before they could be answered?

Devils exist though, tend to be a form of demon but on the same note, I’d ask nothing because he would unlikely have what I want to know.

@anon48079295 in that case, what questions did you have for Lucifer, Satan, or Belial?

I didn’t. I was an atheist, and I thought I knew everything. I had my made made up.

After I wasn’t an atheist, my approach is still different.
Information come to me, I look for more, I read a lot and listen and research - and then I make up my own mind. I was never planning for a day I could ask questions, and I wouldn’t trust the answers if I did.

Asking discarnates to hand you the answers is weak, imo. It will only get you in trouble. It’s too open to interpretation, interception, and your own wishful thinking. Having a convo and then adding the info to a pool to make up your own mind, that’s what you want to do.

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Nothing, I dont believe satan is a person but a title held by individuals within the infernal as a form of rank.

Lucifer and Belial would make good prospects for questions but none, I don’t call on them for aid, but I have asked them about things regarding the Infernal Empire, but that’s about it since they would know more about their nation.


I never cared about knowledge until Astaroth introduced me to Crowley

@MagusOfGamaliel didn’t you have any internal questions growing up? What’s the meaning of life or what’s after death? Anything like that?

What questions once you cared about knowledge?

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Ooh, I thought of one.
I wanted to contact my higher self and ask “what the fuck were you thinking incarnating as human!?”
That’s the only entity I wasn’t able to contact as soon as I admitted they exist.


I started very young, thus I only cared about videogames

“What the fuck is Geburah?!”

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My questions would be “Who and what the fuck am I?” Never feel like what I appear to be although feelings are not facts.

Second “What need I give you that my consciousness and memories not just vanish after 1st death” …If i die, and all this goes away like a horrid dream, whether I choose to migrate to the hell in Earth’s center, the moon, reincarnate, or achieve apotheosis, all of my pain and suffering is a waste if I can’t remember some of it…I don’t want to have suffered for the mere fact life is shit and we annihilate one another, for nothing…Let me use the suffering i endured here for something.


" what be the nature of reality itself? Be this a simulation? Is there a technology that generated it? What is your reality like? What is ur day like? What sensory inputs do u have beyond or outside of this simulation?"

The questions not good because it leads and assumes…It would be far more detailed, less presumptuous that a simulation is the final answer…The nature of existence, reality itself is more intriguing than I find my self, freinds or any other human…I can get lost trying to ascertain the mechanics so long as it doesn’t involes math as I am illiterate as far as arithmetic goes.

4 relates to 3

“Do u have gods or entities u serve or hold power that u dont?” I suspect everything has a fractal nature and as such devils have devils, gods have gods, and so on


“what is the price of the secrets to engineering a world, both from the top down and bottom up?”

My work was originally the task of destroying the world of humans…but thats changed for some time…the desire is to use the shells cast off from crumbling humans societies and dying life, as a skeleton from which to build an entirely new world…Perhaps we may or may not create something similar to humans…Our interest is in re-arranging some of this realities laws, in such that reality is a little less rigid and more fluid…perhaps magick becoming something a little different too, in that the effects could be faster, and have more of a physical impact on the world…

Depending on how that world goes…we may experiment and see how a reality that is more dense, solid and material fares…Literally just experimenting with creating worlds and when they start dying, building something else out of the husk

6" What is the furthest from this state of being?"

Im aware there are trans-qlippothic realms like Tohu …Im not only interested in exploring such, but reaching the outer most limit, if such even exists, of what can be experienced passed this plane…

I’ve no care why i am here, or what life is, rather, what can be done with this? How can i create a masterpiece from it. Many of these questions are in the process of being answered to me as I do more and more and interact with more demons and demonesses.


I would ask them about spirits that interact with thousands at the same time, is there a higher mind in the spirit that knows all that each one of them know?

I’d ask where option of God

I’d ask do you want the bad things you do to people or are they mainly just answer request from other humans

I’d ask for a immunity from there scorn

I’d ask what’s the names and birthdate of the people who were responsible for me being a victim to gov technology.

I’d ask them to talk to any spirit that doesn’t like me and get them to be accepting of me.

I’d ask for spells that awakened myself permanently

I’d ask him to tell me a few of his favorite stories

I’d ask him what I believe that is false that I should know

I’d ask him what was needed from me to be given extreme magic abilities like those that perform

I’d ask him what’s the wisest thing you could tell me right now

I would ask him what the next winning lottery numbers would be while understanding a portion of the money I would need to just give away to who ever he request me to gift it to

I’d ask him how do I prevent myself from being manipulated by technology

I’d ask him for ever million people who die how many are damned and are forced to suffer hell fire instead of heaven reincarnation or just enjoying freedom from the bodies

I’d ask him if he were to come to the land of the living what would he look like and what great powers he would have

I’d ask him the names of the spirits that follow me

I’d ask him if God let you back into his Grace’s and allowed you in heaven again would you go

I’d ask him what do both of us enjoy doing or what I do that he enjoys

I’d ask him to give me a phychic reading or a dream reading, I’d ask how do I retain the weps that I had in dreams or appeared o me in visions so vividly.

I think that’s enough questions for now lol since I wrote a page.

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I’d also ask to what extent were others forced to hear my thoughts from technology how many exc what kind of image did they make of me when using my voice in other people’s heads.

I’d ask about the fake religion based on me how many follow it and why it was made and who made it, how do I get compensated for my life being broadcasted and told to others.

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I once felt that I could channel the devil and speak his words but was insane at the time and never asked him anything of value. He had a specific voice and when channeling him to make sure I did it right I would try to say hallelujah and if I channeled him I wouldn’t be able to speak the word. I mainly would just try to speak without thinking about what words to say and just listen to the words that came out.

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