Questions Concerning Saturn

I have recently found out I am prone to success with Saturnian Spirits and Energy, this at first caused me some anxiety, it still kinda does, all in all most research seems to point to the it being strict, rigid, and severe.

That said I would love if anyone has had experiences working with this energy or its spirits. This is what I have learned thus far about Saturn.

  1. Saturn should be approached as god not an equal; with respect and humility.
  2. Saturn is the Father of Truth, and ruler of Karma, expecting good deeds and good character.
  3. Saturn requires devotion to benefit from them without malefic effects.
  4. Saturn is thought to be the spirit behind the Abrahamic religion, at least initially.
  5. Saturn wants offerings of blood, oil, and ashes.
  6. Saturn prefers worship of him and his altars to be secret, your devotion can not be a spectacle for others
  7. He is a maimed God, restricted and detained, but still potent and of great power.
  8. He rules over time, agriculture, wealth, karma, death, and boundaries.
  9. He is the great Malefic and considered by many to be evil, as his wrath is severe.
  10. Can be very intense and overwhelming, and can cause madness .

These are all about Saturn itself, and I am collecting a personal grimoire of spirits associated with the planet, and see often that the spirits of the planet are not always given the same aspects. In fact many of the demons particularly are said to be friendly such as Orobas, Bathin and Volac.

What are your thoughts on these things I have read? What are your experiences with the spirits of Saturn, and Saturn itself? How has working with these energies affected your life?


I agree on the points you laid out about Saturn, I have no particular thoughts on the matter however.

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On treating Saturn as a god, I think it can be said that all the spirits of the planets deserve respect in your interaction with them. These are immensely powerful spirits.

And on offerings to him, anything that he rules is an appropriate offering to him. There are, for example, many plants and stones that are subject to him, and incense from these plants, and frankincense, that make a good offering to him.

But I’d say, these spirits are ultimately very beneficent in ritual, not causing harm to anyone, perhaps unless there is serious disrespect.

If you wish to work with Saturn directly (for something specific), remember to call on him when he is well placed.


The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardiem any book on Kabballah/Cabballah/Qabalah, Fire and Ice, recommended reading list from a saturnian group.


Saturn, to me, is just a planet. The energies may or may not be useful for a working I’m doing.

The rest seems like making a big dogmatic mountain out of a molehill.

A tool is a tool, use it or don’t.

In my worldview however, there actually are no gods. There are what I call deity level ascendeds, but they’re not what human religion gives up it’s power to as “gods”, that is a fiction designed to control the weak.

And that is the lesson Saturn taught me. Don’t be weak minded. Never bend the knee.


any book recommended to work with Saturnian current

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Weird, my mom just commented about a book she’s reading where the character don’t wanna get married on Saturday because is Saturn day and the guy believe and don’t like this god, consider him evil. I even google it to see what other name this god Saturn had. Than I saw this lol
He is associated with Cronos too, right? One if his names I guess. That’s what came out from my just recently search at least.