Questions about working at a cemetery

I work at a cemetery. What can I do to make sure I am on good terms with the more powerful spirits there? I’ve worked there for almost 15 years and havent done much spiritual work or magic there.


Well arent you lucky lol, anyways a simple offering will do, and since you have worked there and cared for the dead for so long the spirits who guard over it likely already know who you are, but again a simple offer to the appropriate spirits will work.

what kind of spirits are you trying to work with there?


White wine, bring white wine once a week, and pour a couple of glasses for them, leave it on a public area, such as one of the benches, use disposable glasses.

Whenever you’re working around the graves, acknowledge the spirits, greet them, ask them how their day is going, you’ll be surprised how often you get an answer.

During your lunch, sit down on one of the benches, and simply Tune In. You may find yourself having a wonderful discussion about who knows what type of topic.

If you have to fix a grave, or tidy up an arrangement, let the spirit know what you doing. Too often, vandals will come through, thinking that they’re hardcore satanists, and not disturb resting places because they think it’s cool. Let the Spirit know that everything is okay and that you’re there to help.

If a spirit is being laid to rest in the body, whenever you go to fill in the grave, a fast prayer before you begin your work, I recommend a white rose whenever you’re done upon the top of the grave.

Although I am very partial, I find that the goddess Hel is very good for working with the spirits of those who either died wrongfully, or died peacefully. She is also extremely wonderful when it comes to the spirits of babies who have died, even her priests and priestesses are not allowed to collect them, she collects The Souls of dead babies personally.

Hel is the only one I’m able to speak on, as she is my Patron, however, I’m certain that Hecate, Santa Muerte, and Morrigan probably all have their own ideas of what to do there.

I know I’m supposed to not be channeling, but some of that information came from the goddess herself.


Give a few coins to the guardian of the cemetery, like if you were entering it for a work of necromancy.

If you can communicate and work with the entities who live in the location then try to work out a mutually beneficial deal. General rules are not to disturb the functioning of the location and try to effect the place as little as possible for whatever effect you want.

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Great counsel. You are a visitor in their houses Also just be wary. Sometimes unwelcome energies come to rest in cemeteries. If you get a weird feeling just move somewhere else and go about your business.

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A lot of occult texts on necromancy say 3 silver coins is good after working in the cemetary.

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I give coins to the cemetery guardians and ask permission to enter. I also give coins when I leave to say thank you and to ask that all attachments that are not for my highest good be removed and cleared. I smoke tobacco in the cemetery to give to the spirits and also put tobacco as offerings on graves as I walk by especially the ones that have been broken. I personally fix graves when I walk by if I notice the flowers have been messed up. I try to be kind, it’s their home. I will give rocks, crystals or seashells just because they like it. I’ve given beer and incense as well. Kindness is key.

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Don’t fart or have sex there or you will really piss them off. Why did you choose to work at a cemetery? Is it a family business?

I have heard mixed response on this.

Not saying not to do it, but some dont like it.

I like to burn incense if i can.

Thank you very much for the replies. At this point, I just want to be on the best terms possible with the spirits there, and fine tune my relationship with them, especially with the more powerful spirits and any family. Work will be done in the future but with the utmost respect. I have family buried there. And Purp, farting cant be avoided as I work out there all day lol.

How did you get the job?

I knew someone who worked there.

You buried coin in cemetery

Wen u enter n leave ?

You have really cool friends.

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No I didn’t bury it, simply dropped it or placed it where I felt necessary by the entrance of the cemetery and walk in.

Thanks you for answering my question