Questions. about thougjtforms and egregores

Can someone please give me some tips and techniques on how to create thoughtforms and egregores?
I’ve been doing a lot of meditative visualizations to enhance my power and spirit contact and I was wondering if thoughtforms were done the same wsy.

You came to the right psion!

Egregores are essentially group servitors. Don’t try making one on your own unless you’re in a godform or receiving some outside help.

Thoughtforms are a specialty of mine because they are magic you don’t need ANYTHING for. Except yourself. Hell, I created one yesterday that tried to bring more snowfall, but instead ended up destroying the snow in my area entirely. Refer to Uncle Chuckie for more guidance, but basically what you do:

  1. Have a clear intent. MOST IMPORTANT.

  2. Be able to feel energy. Visualize this energy and feel it becoming a shape based on what your intent is. Protect your car? A shield. Want to ward off robberies? A sword. Want to muzzle that little demon child down the street? A rope works.

  3. Give it a color. White is all purpose, brown is for general protection, red is generally making something angry, and black to make whatever it is come with fear too.

  4. Program it. This is second most important. This is making the intent within the thoughtform solid, and telling the intent to it.

  5. Activate it. Make it glow, hear it hum, feel it’s heat, etc.

  6. Send it.

That’s really it. SERVITORS, however, help with senses. Thoughtforms help with output, in my experience.

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There is always Uncle Bearheart.

Creating a thoughform is a lot like learning a new concept. You’re creating a parcel of archetypal machine parts which act together in a coherent fashion.

Let’s say you’ve just seen your first computer and are putting together what a computer is in your mind. You’d take the concept of televisions and use that to understand what the monitor is. You’d tie the concept of electricity to computers. Circuit boards, programming code. All those pre-existing concepts get grouped together by association to define what a computer means to you. Then you stick a name on it, and that name acts as an access point.

Unfortunately, you don’t get much say as to what gets jammed into that new concept you’re learning. With a though form, you recreate that learning process, but carefully select which elements get tied to it.

These types of archetypal machines/programs are only active when they have attention coursing through them, which is why I say “Everything requires your attention to exist”. Attention is like electricity flowing through a circuit board.

An egregore then would be a thoughtform sustained not by your attention alone, but by the attention of a group. The word was originally used to describe group projects that seem to have taken on a life of their own. This can be seen in bloated branches of government who keep growing larger and more powerful year after year, egregores gone wild. Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Elvis, Bloody Mary, all egregores.

I have some innovative ideas for a video game I’d like to see made, but it’s too much for me to do alone, so I’m trying to turn the project into an egregore. Any successful crowd funded project could be considered an egregore.

Of course you don’t always have to make an egregore from scratch. Something like Bloody Mary come pre-made and is so loosely defined it can easily be bent to your will.