Questions about the NEW system

anybody notice that music has a tactile effect after energy work? like waves of energy rolling through your body due to the sound?

can I use this to augment my body? (such as augmentation of strength by pumping energy into a particular set of muscles)

What are some other systems/materials that are good to supplement with this? already using michelle bellanger psychic vampire’s codex(good techniques, though the paradigm is not for me)

what are some books on things like qi gong on that subject?

what about some personal experiences using the system?

NEW by Robert Bruce is pretty good, I found that within 2 or three full body sweeps of the system I was able to active all minor energy points and open up channels considerably. I have since then found my yoga and taiji to have better energy flow but I haven’t really kept up the training because I find that unlike yoga/qigong/taiji it lacks dynamism to keep things interesting.

I think that eastern systems are superior not because they active energy better than other methods but because they also train the body and the mind simultaneously giving you a more complete health.