Questions about the Course

Hello dear Community,
since my magickal studies up until now were a little bit mixed up from various sources and therefore difficult to evaluate, with a little
success here and there, I decided to follow a certain line of teachings. I just want to be able, to know for myself, that i really mastered
something and not just meddling with something and produce results, which I can’t always reproduce, retrace or sometimes even understand…

Since I am impressed by EAs works, at least those which I was able to read, I want to try out the Mastering Divination Course. Divination
and even Scrying is something which I’ve got some problems with. But I also think this is the real foundation I’d need in order to
understand my successes or my failures. So building this foundation is my top priority (next to breathing) at the moment.

But I’ve got a few Questions about this course. I hope someone from the community, who already did it, can answer at least some of my
Questions Someone already asked about a table of contents but I understand one User who said something like “Revealing the essence of the course
would not be fair to those, who paid for this.” I understand that, I think it’s true, so I won’t be asking anything like this.

  1. For Beginners: Which tools will be neccessary for the course? Do I have to purchase a ouja board, a pendulum, a tarot deck, tealeafs,
    rune stones or anything else? Can someone give me a list, so I can calculate how much I really need to spent?

  2. Is the Use of different Divination Tools really neccessary to understand the course as a whole? I am somehow fascinated by Tarot, but
    can’t bring myself to like reading tealeafs or bones, I don’t like using a pendulum or an ouja bord either…

  3. How much of the Course is about the Tools and their use and how much is about scrying and opening the Third Eye, so it really works
    when I need it? This is the most interesting part or at least the part in which I am most interested. It would be a dissapointment to
    find myself purchasing the course and then “just” get one hour of scrying course.

I hope someone can help me.

All the best,

The only important tool for the course is a tarot deck. EA uses the Thoth deck. A pendulum and ouja board can be useful to follow along but not absolutely necessary. A tarot deck and a bowl for water and fire scrying are really all you need. EA takes you through exercises to get into the theta/gamma sync and going beyond the tools with things like the invisible tarot. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks, I think I’ll give it a try then. Luckily I’ve got a week off next week, so I can just focus on the course to get started

Unless the course needs you to something specific, you can make a pendulum out of almost anything so there should be no expense there, my working pendulum is a bolt on the end of a piece of string and it works a treat, or you can get a small crystal point and use embroidery thread, flexible thin string or thin ribbon to make two small sliding knots, here’s a rough illustration:

If you have a symbol that’s meaningful, like an “Aum” symbol, yin/yang, cross, or whatever, you might like to attach a small version to the other end to denote that it’s a powerful tool and help you get into the right mental space when you use it.

There are some stunning pendulums sold in new agey shops made out of brass, copper, even gold or silver plated, but a lot of books recommend making your own tools so you don’t need to pay for something elaborate unless you really want to.

I don’t know if the course uses a pendulum board but google image search for “pendulum board” turns up loads of ideas, from elaborate ones made in wood to simple black and white jpgs you can print out.


Thank you for posting this @Lady_Eva! I searched among my crystals and jewelry and I found the perfect pendulum! This being a chakra pendant, I love the symbolism of it allowing me to align with my HS!

With practice and cleansing, this should suffice, right?


That’s so beautiful, and yes, it should definitely be a good pednulum! :smiley:

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While we’re on the subject does anybody have any reviews about orlee’s tarot mastery course? Im interested in it but…

That’s a lot of money right now and im on the fence about it, having never really taken any type of magick/tarot course before. I have a tarot deck and ive done some readings with it before but just basic 1-3 card. Nothing overly fancy =/