Questions about the BMoA

So I’ve been really interested in the works. Its like a calling of sorts. Ahrimans sigil just calls out to me. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous and just amazing. But I’m still debating if I want to get the book or not. Reason why is my past, when I was younger (not by much) I was a sociopath with homicidal thoughts/urges. Through advancement these thoughts and urges disappeared. Now I’ve heard that following the teachings leads to damnation and is heavily involved with darkness. So how will this effect me? Will my thoughts/urges return and if so on what level? Thank you

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Personally I don’t see this as becoming an issue as long as you take to the work with respect, I have my own destructive impulses that would lay ruin everything in my life if I left it unchecked. I have me own mundane ways through martial training to channel this, but the work in this tome has given me a mean to harness that towards my magic.

Also a part of the equation is how you view darkness, I have always found some of my greatest moments of peace and comfort in it when the storms of life beats the hardest. It gives me a place to think without all that comes with dealing with society,friends, or family and the limits they would try to impose on me at times.


Well to be honest people with these issues are told to steer clear of occult application PERIOD.

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In my personal opinion these issues are normal when we are confined to the state of this world, and magick is a way for us to change it and live in a way more conducive to our becoming. Of course this is “backward understanding”. Most black magickians begin in an unstable mental state, if not a state of complete powerlessness. That is what drives us toward obtaining power.
This work will indeed enrich and improve your life in many ways as long as you do indeed treat it with respect. The same respect you would have for a loaded gun around your family.


They’re are more of us than you think.

No disrespect my freind but the same folks who instill this fear in you would say the same if you where a toad licking tree worshipping Wiccan- sorry RHP- for comparative purposes only. muslims tell christians they’re going to hell. christians tell muslims they’re going to hell so on and so forth. think many will agree the most important aspect to success is confidence which the “vibe” of said statement seems to lack. However in my opinion big difference between that and a healthy respect and an analytical mindset.

I hope I speak for many when I say thank you for not just saying- as I’ve heard not necessarily here- “only those with sound mind should practice blah blah blah…” what the fuck is a sound mind anyways. Probably not me personally.